Lankavatara Sutra

*This mantra was introduced to me by my sir with love to me, he has guided me to use this for clearing a space, or for protection,im sharing mantra with love, to you. and i thank my sir to give me this mantra. This mantra was introduced to my sir(sri Gopalakrishnan).
The introduction to the sutra’s first “protection mantra” is reproduced below. What is intriguing in terms of Borobudur’s summit is that this first mantra consists of 72 magic phrases plus the closing salutation (svaha).
“These, Mahamati, are the magical phrases of the Lankavatara Sutra: If sons or daughters of a good family should hold forth, retain, proclaim, realize these magical phrases, no one should ever be able to effect his descent upon them. Whether it be a deva or a devi, or a naga, or a Nagi, or a Yaksha, or a Yakshi, or an Asura, or an Asuri, or a Garuda, or a Garudi, or a Kinnara, or a Kannari, or a Mahoraga, or a Mahoragi, or a Gandharva, or a Gandharvi, or a Bhuta, or a Bhuti, or a Kumbhanda, or a Kumbhandi, or a Pisara, or a Pisari, or an Austaraka, or an Austraki, or an Apasmara, or an Apasmari, or a Rakshasa, or a Rakshasi or a Daka, or a Dakini, or an Aujohara, or an Aujohari, or a Kataputana, or a Kataputani, or an Amanushya, or an Amanushyi [the total list consists of 36 paired, male and female beings], — no one of these will be able to effect his or her descent. If any misfortune should befall, let him recite the magical phrases for one hundred and eight times, and [the evil ones] will, wailing and crying, turn away and go in another direction.”
The First Protection Mantra
Tutte, tutte — vutte, vutte — patte, patte — katte, katte — amale, amale — vimale, vimale — nime, nime — hime, hime — vame, vame — kale, kale, kale, kale — atte, matte — vatte, tutte — jnette, suptte — katte, katte — latte, patte — dime, dime — cale, cale — pace, pace — badhe, bande — ance, mance — dutare, dutare — patare, patare — arkke, arkke — sarkhe, sarkke — cakre, cakre — dime, dime — hime, hime
tu tu tu tu (4)
du du du du (4)
ru ru ru ru (4)
phu phu phu phu (4)
The phrases divide into two distinct groups: an introductory group of 56 longer phrases and a second group of 16 short phrases–each of which is repeated four times. By coincidence, Borobudur’s summit also presents an initial group of 56 stupas featuring diamond-shaped piercing holes, followed by a second group of 16 stupas featuring rectangular-shaped piercing holes.
Perhaps all this is just a marvelous numerical coincidence that is only worthy of our passing attention. But if we perform a rudimentary analysis on the first group of the sutra’s 56 magic phrases, we find that a group of 12 distinct words exists in which each phrase is repeated twice. Once again a material parallel can be found on Borobudur’s summit, where the second round terrace platform features a group of 24 stupas.
First and Second Round Terrace Platforms
(56 dharanis = 56 stupas & statues)
Dime, hime, kalle, katte (four times each – 16 total)
Ance, atte, badhe, bande, jnette, latte, mance, matte, suptte, vatte (once each – 10 total)
Patte, tutte (three times each – 6 total)
Amale, arkke, cakre, cale, dutare, nime, pace, patare, sarkke, vame, vimale, vutte (twice each – 24 total)
In my Architectural Survey of Borobudur, I have suggested that the three tiers of stupas at the summit of the monument represent various time cycles that are governed by the asterisms (28 nakshatras + 4 Lokapalas), the sun (24 half-months of the year) and the moon (the half-month from full moon to new moon). Once again, the protection mantra of the Lankavatara Sutra fails to disappoint, for its final group of 16 words is organized into four groups of four, which suggests that the four phases of the moon may have been intended.
Third Round Terrace Platform (16 dharanis = 16 stupas/statues, 4 lunar phases)
du, phu, ru, tu (four times each – 16 total)
The sutra’s opening dharani is immediately followed by yet another formula that consists of 32 magic phrases that also conclude with the word svaha. When these two formulas are combined together, the number 104 is produced, which has its own corollary at Borobudur in the form of the 104 Buddha images that inhabit the niches that top the monument’s outermost walled perimeter, the very place in temple designs where deities of protection are typically encountered. In fact, the remaining tiers of 88, 72 and 64 Buddha images at Borobudur can be matched with corresponding dharani from the Lankavatara Sutra simply by subtracting one or more groups of phrases from the total number given in the text.
“I will tell you, Mahamati, other magical phrases. They are: Padme, padmadeve — hine, hine, hine — cu, cule, culu, cule — phale, phula, phule — yule, ghule, yula, yule — ghule, ghula, ghule — pale, gala, pale — munce, munce, munce — cchinde, bhinde, bhanje, marde, pramarde, dinakare — svaha.

This mantra chanted when ever you have suspicious of any psychic attacks, like any haunted feelings,

how many times one need to chant this mantra?

see regarding this I would like to first give some light on about mantra chanting, for this please this work by my teacher who had shared his insights, secrets about his journeys with mantras.

*for the original artilce please visit this beautiful website by CLICK HERE

  1. v hariharan said:

    I heard this mantra 6 years back in Jaya TV in the morning before news in yoga session and was able to write first 4 lines only. After that I was searching for this. IN the net also I tried. But atlast in google search I typed the first line only. It comes to your site. I am happy after 6 years I got it.
    I shall come back to you after practising the same.
    With regards,

  2. Howdy I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you by error,
    while I was looking on Askjeeve for something else, Regardless I
    am here now and would just like to say thank you for a marvelous post and a all
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  3. PJ Stokhof said:

    What is the meaning of the mantra

  4. Gosay said:

    please check the original post. they are deities names if im right.

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