Who am I – Trojans?


Mission: To break the container that contains everything about me (“I”).


The above listed are few of my favourite Trojans among them are few inspired from my spiritual teacher (Gopal, my respects to him, in his words he always used to say “people who visit me get infected”), and the list will go on, and im grateful and thankful that I met these Trojans in “this” life.


Our life is a result of what we have thought” said the great Buddha and im sure he isn’t joking about this. Now if my life is a collection of memories about the events, situations, and emotions involved in them, etc. so I carry my respective wisdom bags with me at all time, and face my reality to the best of my knowledge.

About Trojan: for precise information you could get this movie called “troy” troy is a city, and they had the best barriers to protect their city from the intruders or enemies. Now Trojan are people for some political reasons would like to acquire troy. And Trojans betray them by sending a gift (a gigantic model of horse) which was stuffed with its soldiers, that night the soldiers come out of the horse (Trojan) and destroy the Troy. And so was the name given to the Trojan virus in IT that could destroy your operating system.

Trojan – Who am i?

Trojan – Am I Real?

Trojan – Am in struck in a dream?

Trojan – Who is it that is asking questions, who is answering, who is happy and who is not?

Trojan – who I want ? what I need?

Trojan – Am I happy? Should I try to be happy?

Trojan – am I asking the right question?

Trojan – Am I evaluating the “Right” way?

Trojan – now you add yours.

When one bombard these Trojan(s) in a particular interval, for a particular emotion(s), for a particular sequence I guess then our “WISDOM” (which is a part of our memory) which is a cluster (symbolically – coiled serpent) of much wisdom, this will start decompiling (unfold the knot) the cluster. This will lead to an extent that you would be able to see the origin of every thought that bind or associated with the other and procreated/ replicated/ extinguished/ revamped the other or the source thought(s) itself.

Dosage: “The Trojan” Adults should bombard this Trojan 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

Caution: Need to speak truth at all times.

Add-ons: faith, passion to know and doubt everything on the way, forgiving, and willing to stay till the “END”.


Things that you should be aware are, when you try to ask these questions, your adoption and adaptation will rebel and could resist you at the gateway, for this it would bring in any possible, sensible or senseless, and try its level best to apply it as antidote to save you “SYSTEM”. Here they don’t care what they use to patch you up, it needs a result and will try every thing to stop you letting these Trojan into your “TROY” (a kingdom that had the great defensive wall, but the Trojan broke this and overthrew the kingdom). So be aware who is selling what to you.


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