Does master exist?

Does master exist?

Yes he does.

Where does he exist?

The master prevails In once thought emotional and physical planes.

We are aware that of many masters in physical plane but how come in thought and emotional?

You are right; when it comes to the thought and emotional plane, let me put it this way.

Our mind is a cluster of thoughts and of when you categorize them you call a class of thought to be an attribute of a sub personality in you. so any of sub personality can become a master to the other. This is a tricky and very subjective. For our understanding purposes we shall take an example of a person, who would like too quit smoking.

If we look into this person, there I a sub personality that has something to do with smoothing, and the other who would like to quit smoking. Now each could be teaching lessons to the each other irrespective to the aim of the doer. But being biased or keeping on different higher priority level. Once seems to appear as master.

When it comes to heaven and hell in that person, the one who Is more bonded or uses more energy to win its will, is in hell and the one who has the attributes of love, forgiving faith compassion and dealing with the each other are in heaven, here hell and heaven are comparatively referred but not absolute meaning.

The day both these persons evolve to an state of salvation then they found their exit, or I could also refer this as the lesson or karmic debt is nullified.

Like these two if all the sub personalities evolve, then the person who contains these evolved beings become liberated.

Master is one that leads, so it’s a relative context of referring. This is has nothing to do with age, sex or anything. No one ranks them, they get ranked by others automatically. And its not their intend to get ranked but the third persons perception is interpreted as ranking.  This reminds me a quote that I came across recently, “if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”

I bow down to my dear sir, and offer my prayers

“Guru brahma guru Vishnu guru devo maheshvaraha, Guru sakshath parabhrahma, tasmai shree gurave namaha. Guru sarasvathi, guru Lakshmi guru devo parvathihi, guru sakshath para shakthihi, tasmai shree gurave namaha”


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