Prasada bhakthi yoga

Prayer for food a prayer for life..

Brahma Arpanam Brahma Havir

Brahmangnau Bramana Hutam

Brahmai Va Tena Gantavyam

Brahma Karma Samadhina

brahma- Brahman; arpanam- the means of offering; havih-oblation; brahmagnau-unto the fire that is Brahman; brahmana-by brahman; hutam- is offered; eva- indeed; tena- by him; gantavyam- to be reached; brahma-karma-samadhina-who is abiding in Brahman

Any means of offering is Brahman, the oblation is Brahman, the fire in which the offering is made is Brahman, and the one who offers is Brahman. Such a person who abides in Brahman indeed gains Brahman

This was a beautiful prayer that I was taught by one of my school teachers. Though I never knew the meaning as mentioned above, but all I knew is that the mantra and we offer the creations by the creator back to him and as a Prasad we accept it, in this way since its been touched by god, its hence purified.

If some one is able to pray or intended this essence. I think everything is purified, and every time this prayer is being chanted it remind that we are always thankful to everything that we receive from other forms or divine.

When in spiritual pursuits one should try to think, see and act in the love. And there is no room for other than love. So one doesn’t need to hate money, nor avoid touching directly. If we are infected that way then god forbids us humans to touch him in many ways. As im a filthier than any filthy thing present in this world living.

This prayer I named it as Prasada bhakthi yoga, where one recives everything as prasada. Right from his toothpaste to the mug of water he is carrying.


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