What if god was one of us?

imagine what if if god was like one of us?
He looks just the way we are,
he live the way we live,
and this body has differnet organs,
this body has many functions that keep one going.
there are millions of nerves like paths where
the cells like us can travel all over his body,
now the question is which cell are you?
what is your duty?
are a cell pro to this body?
or are you a cell to infect?
in this nature (body) what is it that you respect,
preserve, protect.
does raging war on other fellow cells will help you doing your duty?
does discrimintaion help your kingdom remain healthy?
should there be a heigher part and lower part of groups to govern the body?
what is your objective?
what is your nations ( body) objective?
What are you doing for it?
hm… now tell me are you seprate to the body?
are you some kind of contractor here in this body?
are you and your god(body) differnent?
so havent you ever touched or felt god(the living force in you) till now?
so do you really have dreams? does the nature (body or god) has dreams?
ha ha ha….. now if i pause here and ask you is there anything you would like to speak,
then you would be telling me.
god is a super power, god cant not even for example sake be captualised in a body.
he has no birht and death. he is infinty. and on and on……….
good for you.
well im wrong.
Well im a fool.
im an osmosis jones.


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