Minimum payment of Life.

Most often hear debate is about the vegetarians vs the non-vegetarians, and specifically is killing animals a sin, then non-vegis say that isn’t killing the plants also a wrong thing? To the best of my knowledge both are right, now let us take an example of a plant, a chicken, and a man, now how would each react at the time of killing. Since the humans are most “evolved” species, human experience the pain in the maximum in compared to the others. Now the chicken would respond definitely less and so the plant least. So we in spite of being vegetarian, we have to kill a plant to survive. So it clearly understood that to be a human, there is a minimum karma that we have to do.

Imagine every grain of rice that we are eating is sacrifice done for us, and so the person who we are now, are a result of the millions of grains that died for us. This gives a great meaning for why our elders spoke about the respecting food, not to talk while eating, be thankful to the food that we had received.

What soul needs? What a body needs to sustain? How painful for the soul would have been as it is confronting the truth of the payment it had to pay for the sake of Freedom it is earnestly searching? This is slavery. This is pain of life. This is bondage.


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