My origin

To what I had learnt from my biology class in school, is that when the x chromosomes and y chromosomes meet to form a fertilized zygote and that becomes a baby born after a approximate period of nine months.

Now what startled me is that, two cells, who know what need, x knew it can commute with y and so on the other way around, and they do their duty, do they fear of life and death? Do they have life of their own? Like their home, their people etc? so its just quite gloomy on that end for me but I assume their also have some thing to with birth and death of their own. Then the mothers womb who knows it duty is it to give the support to this being, and they do their job, and that two cells are now a baby, which breaths lives inside, and that is me, I think it’s a team work or my father mother, and later the love that gives me space, called me among these two cells or is use these two cells as binding factor for their love, and for my existence, kind of win-win situation I guess. And then later im born, now if we just wind up a little behind, we can see that the organs which they did their job or duty looks like it was all destined, and what happens next to be born or aborted is like a free will. At least there is a scope of a thought, we never say our heart (organ) has freewill, but our mind has freewill. I really wonder what a complex being I am, am I really a complex being or I imagine to be one?

So coming back to the topic, I wonder what an where are those two cells, can I get back to them?


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