Teachers can guide to the door only

Teacher is never a threat, teacher doesn’t and cannot make one walk the path, he could show us the door, and teacher can never shatter the ego, until we walk the path of sublimating the ego, Teacher is a like knowledge and we make the wisdom out of him. There is just the same teacher(s) in us too, that is observance, consciousness, introspection…etc. Using external guru is like try to pass the stool with the aid of other tools. The best practice is heal from the within. I agree that we need the specialist help, but if we meditate and have the faith that we can be healed, and rather speculate on the necessity of the having a guru/specialist.

Human mind is very underestimated, under ranked, it is literally the almighty god, this body is not a prison, this is a temple, where the prayers are heard, this body is a gateway to the heaven, this mind can make us believe, anything, if it can believe so profoundly about”Me” one day I shall practice to believe its not “ME” but its “HE(god)”.

So I hope we use the right words. So as to use the mind as a tool. An iron metal (irregular) sinks in the water. But the same metal that has a shape (knowledge) make it float like a ship. So by practice, and practice, one can attain it.

If some one is daring to think that “ It will take time” mind you, you are resisting the information. Remember Use the concept of VASANA and SAMSKARA, like A lie told often enough becomes the truth. So our goal is attain the absolute freedom, so we have practice the sense of freedom in thought, words and action, freedom is not about good or bad, its is free that’s all.


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