Does the search for experience lead to reality?

Most of us are seeking experience. We may be tired of the worldly experiences of fame, notoriety, wealth, sex, and so on, but we all want greater, wider experience of some kind, especially those of us who are attempting to reach a so-called spiritual state. Being tired of worldly things, we want a more extensive, a wider, deeper experience; and to arrive at such an experience, we suppress, we control, we dominate ourselves, hoping thereby to achieve a full realization of God, or what you will. We think the pursuit of experience is the right way of life in order to attain greater vision, and I question whether that is so. Does this search for experience, which is really a demand for greater, fuller sensation, lead to reality? Or is it a factor which cripples the mind?

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This article reminded me the beautiful words spoken by sir, sri K.B.Gopal, while we were meditating one evening, my sir spoke about the experiences and visions in the course of meditation, he advised me that when you see any deities or any forms of higher beings, don’t stack your self there but continue to move on. As they are a play of mind, and then never get distracted by siddhies, practically I haven’t encountered any of his advices yet, but theoretically or I should say my awe of human mind and his intelligence can try to understand what these sentient beings are speaking about.

To add my view on this, I believe, “god” exists because “I” exists, and “I” existence can be of any level(s), shade(s). and until “I am one with the god”, (grammatically it explains itself) my journey goes. But then there is better way of willing. Willing in reality, a reality that will create the suffiecient momentum that we are loose the orbit of “I”. so till then I believe, the constant pursuit of will to a reality that we would like to shift is very much recommended.

  • conciousness is an orbit or a strata where similar range of beings exists. This could be termed as loka in Sanskrit. And different jana or people live in that loka. That’s why we have a beautiful prayer.

Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu, samasta loka sukhino bhavantu” –> there are two  worlds, inner and outer world, so this prayers heals both the worlds.

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  1. “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” Aah! The forgotten chant from a desperate mind.The miracle of man lies not in the mechanics of his body or the programming of his brain, but in his mind…the inexplicable concoction of elements that makes you look for the next possible option, that in born aura of what we are. Intelligence is merely the form of that aura (or so I think).

    I am no expert at meditating, but when I need to unwind and shed myself of pestering thoughts, I imagine myself to be sitting at the edge of a cliff, infinite serenity above and below and every thought, (good and/or bad) I have as a gust of wind seeping through me (n damn its WINDY lol) and get it over with, until the dust settles and I am left alone, with me, and nothing else.

    To be one with ‘God’, truly a quest indeed, but in a practical world of today I fear it would be…difficult as the demand for ours and others wants and needs arise on a daily basis, somewhere I red that “The luxuries of one generation, are the necessities of the next” Anyway I wish you the very best of everything on your divine quest.
    Hope your doing alright,

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