Doer and doing – journey and destination.

‘God doesn’t “create” this world, He simply made all creatures aware of it, awareness leads to discovery, Discovery is creation.’  – from the book myth=mithya by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik. The following writing is a sample of how I think, how I learn understand different philosophies with different point of views. Now what is freewill and destiny has to do with the above quote? Destiny à we are all being aware. Freewill à the journey of awareness,(what ever that we are aware of).

So another way to understand about destiny and freewill is that destiny is about once destination and freewill Is his/her journey to reach its destination if any. And now if we bring in the Krishna’s sayings here, Quote1: I am the one who runs the show. Quote 2: almost the bhagwath geetha also explains, do good and be good. Now as per the quote 1 it sounds like its all destiny, but as per quote 2: it sounds like freewill, and now substitute destiny with destination, and freewill with journey, now to elaborate quote 1, the symbolic meaning of I run the show, means that Krishna explains arjuna to act effortlessly and not hinder it by thinking about the good or bad, another way to understand that is ( my sirs quote) you can only eat consciously, but not digest consciously.


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