Who am i?-What happens after death?

These were the few sentences that I ripped off from the book, Myth = Mithya.

Death happens when the yamas’s messenger, known as yama duta drag the mind out of the flesh, when this happens the flesh becomes insensitive and unresponsive to all worldly stimuli, it starts to decay.

We stand before yama, he determines their fate. Before pronouncing his judgment, yama always consults chitraguptha, his accountant, who meticulously maintains a record of the jivas, actions in its lifetime,

Chitraguptha classifies these deeds as debt or equality. “

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These are stories that we had seen, read, heard, saw on the screen about the Hindu philosophy of death. And the process of death.

The beautiful way I read from that book about the process of death was mentioned in the above and pure authors version, is in the first paragraph in the italics.

The later what happens Is what we shall scratch it.

Illusion, (anything other than the god) firmly and fundamentally relays on duality. With out duality the illusion (not able to distinguish between what is true or false, hence true and false exists, this is duality) can not exists. And so, the important pair of duality are, memory and consciousness, mind and soul, yama and chitraguptha. The mind and memory play hand in hand in the human brain, and the consciousness and soul play hand in hand in the human soul, and when we bombard the act of death, the (mind, memory) and (consciousness, soul), pulled from the body, becomes the (Chitraguptha) and (Yama). Chtraguptha being an accountant, who meticulously maintained the records of the subjects actions in its lifetime(s). and so chitraguptha is not just the accountant for the just past but also the previous lives, and so he is a super(mind, memory) and yama being the one who determines the subjects fate, by pronouncing the judgement, and so he the super( consciousness, Soul), and the judgement to the next birth is based on the outcome of the communion of yama and the chitraguptha. like how we act, we think, we assess, we feel the emotional relation to the situations, and we make a choice, but we have many limitations like, fear, delusions, inferiorities complexes, ego and so on, hence our judgments and decisions are always we don’t make the right moves, but where as in astral plane, its just the soul, and soul has least ego, and im believe there wouldn’t be any room for emotions and sentiments, its just un biased, and pure judgment, and so we find the path automatically.

And when I came across words like “ after death we reach to the land of dead” Im sure it’s the planet earth, and all my ancestors are definitely not there (I hope im proved wrong) and most of them are here already born, and so I don’t go back to any other plant of lands, or skies, I guess im here and always here, like how beautifully in the same authors way of putting it, “ god doesn’t create world, we gives us the ability to be aware, and our awareness is discovery” and I think death is an act or symbolic representation of the transition period of altering the consciousness/ awareness. So folks, don’t be afraid to die, anticipating to confront yama, or his dutas, but the most scariest person will turn up who you least underestimated, he is none other than you, better start loving your self. Yah, I forgot to talk about dutas, the dutas could be a souls, or any one who volunteer to work to help transcend might be called as yama dutas. The sufferings and punishment that were portrayed could be the symbolic representation of our guilt, and the feelings of need to repent or to attain peace, the only tool which as default is chosen that is to be born again and most of us add more shit to shit. But I don’t know what is it that compels us, or convinse us to be born again, why not we stay there and repent, do our tapasya or meditate to heal his hurts. I think human life is such a tool or a temple, where the prayers are heard or a shortcut way to exit the world, I think we could generate enough emotions, we could generate enough illusion, for us to break the cycle of rebirth, that’s the only convincing reason I can add or lin up to the images or visions seen be these great saints. When they say that they can see kali, or Krishna or any. Image is just a mental projections, and beyond that is god, who is differently the formless( their own self as per advaitha). How are these saints able to convert their limitation ( able to see the images) to nirvikalpa Samadhi? This is the only theoretical justification that I can give to these phenomena. But I have also seen the saints trying die to liberate themselves from the body where they no longer can take the prison anymore, what happens next to them? As per the above mentioned philosophy overall. These are things not told or said theoretically but should be felt, and by the time I feel these realities I wouldn’t be in a position to read write and speak to you, and this is another aspect which raises the doubts off the scriptures written, how are these people managing themselves comeback to the reality of humans, after the divine touch? How passionate are they to share their wisdom? How does it really work? Or am I imagining so much? Let see what time speak forward for us.


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