Rain doesnt plan to rain.

If a drop of water falls into the lake,
it has no identity…
if it falls into the rose it will shine…!
So, choose the place where u want to find yourself!
 Have a nice day ahead…

I don’t agree,

Never control yourself, never force yourself to go in a direction, unleash you desire, your dream, your passions, into this world, you hold you identity, that’s why when you die, you are the only responsible person to take care of your identity and not the world, fuck the bloody world, who judges me, or others, never to the norms of the world but only to your world in you mind, heart.

The first mistake you can ever do is to acquire the not constructive knowledge, never accept who the fuck speaks, humans and every human is equipped with a greatest gift called, COMMON Sense. Use it.

Everything that inspires you, everything that depress you, observe and introspect on it, because the greatest power always lies in what we have taken for granted, so see what they are hinting.

Take to know who you are, what you are, what you have to do?

Live life of Truth. Love. Passion. In that way, you haven’t got time to forgive, regret, only to thank.



1 comment
  1. habiba said:

    very well said sandeep…the beautiful fact of living life 2 the fullest…

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