Meditation-Mastering Habit Quickly—Re-Edit.

Dedicated To Shiv & Kali and my sir Gopal.

There is a doer and he doing. The doer is the driving force of the doing assigned job. If once the doer is set right, then the doing is just a piece of cake or effortless, enjoyable, inspiring to do it again. This is why professionals are always a spectacular in their performances in any part of life.  In life no matter what a person does, or want to do, get aligned to your doer (intellectually, physically, and emotionally). He is your key to your success.

If not you would be one like the many who want to practice long hours of meditation but unable to do so. They get frustrated and disappointed over a period of time and give up. The practice is sporadic. The following ways will help you to have consistent meditation practice. So this information could help you find the right guy for the right job.


Our inspiration:
Buddha and other saint of highest order, had a common seed, “The Question” they asked the right question, and they understood the how to ask the right question so that they can understand the question more. The quest of asking question, and this great quality effortlessly unfolded the path to achieve it. So folks pitch the question right.( don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, neither do I, we are all trying to figure it out, and hopefully soon we shall understand that this was the question. But TRUST the question, pray to it, ask it to unfold)

What is meditation?
The best of all other definitions and philosophies is according to the Latin root of the word meditation, mederi, means “to heal.”  So that means meditation is an effort to heal the afflictions of the mind. Freedom is not a new thing to bring into our system, but able to free a bond or to release an emotional block, or free a guilt, bring great peace. Its a state of freedom, liberation, that memory (guilt) is no more burden to itself and to us, we (I and the block) have forgiven or healed or loved each other.

Why should one meditate? Why did you choose to meditate? how badly do you need it? How important is it? How much can you afford for it, in terms of time, energy, passion? What do you want to heal? What is on the surface of your heart? Have you ever loved? Have you ever forgiven yourself or others? Have you cried? Have you felt sorry? Have you felt guilty? How will you deal with diversity and diversion in the due course? How to preserve and protect your doer? What is the philosophy of my doer? Is his philosophies non-dual? How is the doer going to keep the cycle of creation, practice, and learning keep going on? Where does he stand in your ranking of personalities? When it comes to priorities involving him, what are his limitations? What you want to gain? What you will do with what you have gained? How will you handle the information, energy, abundance, wisdom, and ego?

Questions like these will unfold the doer of you; he is “THE ONE”. Understanding him means living “him”, in your lab (mind, body and soul) create him as non-(dual, biased) as possible.


(1) Habit is repeating behaviour.
(2) Behaviour is association with respect to the subject by time, desire, quantity and quality.
(3) Repeating or anything that repeats its self is a pattern.
substitute (3) and (2) in (1) gives (4)
(4) Habit = association + pattern (new/existing).


Be activity focused- just do meditation. Forget on posture, breathing, experience, powers, healing, levels (basic, beginners, advances, etc), visions, angels, white, pink, blue, and green lights etc. just do it day in and day out. This is best way to begin. Many a times people try to reach perfection in meditation in one go which will never happen. The simple rule is practice every day. By practices we are achieving the pattern. Firstly focus on repeating this pattern.

Be time focused- just do for 45minutes to one hour. One can not sit easily in meditation for 45 minutes to one hour. It will require some practice and I am sure you will make it in time soon. Mind will be restless and will pull you here and there, never give up “make it to 45” this is the crash proof way.

Now we shall aim to repeat this patter for a period of 48days. Do not let the time limit to break. It will become habit unconscious and easy to practice once you reach 48 days. All resistance, problems and difficulties will come and subside in this period. Slowly you could upgrade the standards of posture in the same method. Aim for one minute of back straight, and then do it for 5 minutes.  Once you reach that limit then raise the bar to 10 minutes. This will crash proof way. Congratulate yourself and appreciate yourself for every barrier u break (make this as a part of the ritual), make a progress graph chart. Review yourself and be passionate and enthusiastic with internal dialogue. After few minutes of celebration focus on where you have to reach next. This is called as expanding spiral motivation.

Keep the ritual first in the priority, actually disassociate the word from priority, this should become an independent, there are no rules, there is no second, it’s a standalone act.

mind gets imprinted or programmed or associates what you do first in the day. When u go to sleep affirm what u will do the next day. This is one of the best way to master any habit. What you visualize is what you become. (Aham brahmasmi = if I am brhama, he who is a creator, that means im the source of creation, now how wild can you imagine?)

once we have created a new person, by the process of pattern, now we have to appoint this person, when ever possible, this we shall look forward in coming posts.

Simple steps- let me sum up

•       First rule of this ritual is FOCUS.
•       Second rule of this ritual is FOCUS.
•       Third rule of this ritual is only small goals.
•       Fourth rule is to make it to 48th night.
•       Fifth rule is to be constructive, appreciative for every part of the journey.
•       sixth rule is to think and act for “What next?”

Inspired from the article by my sir HERE. 


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