Who am i? – Welcome to heaven.

I have always heard from many scriptures, and commentaries and other discourses, and my self using this sentence.

“ I am god, and god is I”

but if “I = god”

then as per the sentence becomes “I am I, and I am I” or “God is god, and god is god”

another simple way of putting it with a great quote I came across.

“ the drop of water grows when in falls in the ocean” now where is that drop of water when it fell in the ocean?  I hope the above makes sense with this quote clearly.

So while meditating, or chanting, or healing, please, please invoke the god, with the interruption of the “I”, practice this, if we are seeing a sick person, then its our illusion that we are not able see god in him, so invoke the god in you, who see himself everywhere and we invoke the god in him, who can see us as god, and so the mapping is successfully done,  and in couple sessions  his/her sufferings are healed.

This is how the chetana ( wisdom/awareness/enlightenment) could be defined.

The love this symbol that I used here in our context “=” we simple equated it, but in reality here is where we our journey speaks, to map these two elements, we have been striving all these lives.  Until the mapping is successfully done, this process can be called as contemplation, meditation, affirmation or anything close. Once done, there is just one person, that is “God”…welcome to heaven.


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