who am i? – God is a server and we are clients!

God is a server and we are client terminals running his operating system(god), to a user (profile – soul) he believes that he had switched on the operating system installed on this terminal but the body(terminal – body) can be any, the profile can be called upon(rebirth) on any system.
Terminal: body
Profile: ego, identity, soul.
Hard disk: present life memory, present life consciousness.
Processor: heart.
RAM: mind
Accessories: sensory organs.
Server: Universe
Profile: God.
Hard disk: Super consciousness, super memory.
Processor: heart that can run the universe.
RAM: mind that can communicate with millions and trillions of client at a time.
Accessories: life force flow management.

Welcome to the world of Linux (operating system- its free, open source, and an epitome of freedom. You are all connected. And please use your login details to take birth where you feel like at home. You have all the features like roaming profiles, and user rights for privacy and better work flow. Right now our system support team says that your profiles are in planet earth. And with full signal zone.

For any User profile issues please contact our help desk:

Website: http://www.god.gov

email: help@god.gov

Phone: hold any number to get connected.

Soon the user manual: will be launched. please check the website.

for any promotional offers, and other information please come back to us.

Have fun!


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