who am i? – Mission T2!

Ever watched terminator part 2. in that there is an enlightening scene which believe to be the key to understand where is god? The scene goes this way. There are two robots from the future, one is Model 101 enacted by Arnold, and T-1000 by enacted Robert Patrick.
Now Arnold is protecting a boy called “John Connor” and Patrick to kill. Now there is a scene where these two Roberts are fighting and Arnold split opens the liquid nitrogen which is generally used to freeze the bodies in labs. And so the T-1000 fezzes and then Arnold uses a his gun and the T-1000 breaks into pieces, and after few minutes, when the fragmented pieces gains its temperature, the all start moving to one point, and so the T-1000 is reconstructed.”
The very same way, I believe, that the god himself, split into fragments of life forces, and we all who are aspiring to attain great spiritual heights, are all getting united in like that Robert, in one place. What I believe could happen is that, once a person become enlightened, they tend to join to already formed figure, and later the rest of our people down in earth will join us soon when they regain their temperate like the movies seen. And finally Te judgment day arrives, and that means, the form will take its form, and the god wakes from his Sleep (symbolically saying he realizes that he is god) this is why we are also taught to respect each other because we are all one, any way will become at least. We are all a part of god, no one is higher or lower. Let be united from now on.
Go Mission T2!


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