Who am i? – Purusharthas & Moksha!

“Purusha” in Sanskrit means either God or a human being (any sex). “Artha” means an aim or purpose. So it can be defined as the purpose of a human being.

The four chief aims or purusharthas are mentioned according to the scriptures as follows:

· Dharma – means righteousness

· Artha – means wealth

· Kama – means desire

· Moksha – salvation or liberation.

As seen above the I Re-list them as follows:

Journey: Kama, Artha, Dharma.

Destination: Moksha.

And so the objective of the life is not that of the list but it is the formulae as mentioned below.

if I = god or god = I

Moksha = (Kama)+(Artha)+(Dharma)

Hence (I) = (Kama)+(Artha)+(Dharma)

And God = Moksha

My centre of focus is to emphasise on the objective that any saint, or holy people, or scriptures or form of life is striving to attain peace. And that is Moksha the ultimate peace. And let’s not deviate from that at any cost.


{“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara. Guru Sakshath Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha”} + {“Guru saraswathi, Guru lakshmi, Guru Devo parvathihi. Guru Sakshath Parashakthihi, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha” }

God who is formless and one who can not be contained. But for the sake of humans to understand, or able to talk about him, we can poetically categorise into two, supreme masculine for energy and supreme feminine form of energies, which is being named as parabrahma and parashakthi.

Now the supreme masculine can be divided into there prime force of life. They are the creator the brahma, sustainers the Vishnu, and destructor or rejuvenator the shiva.

And the same way the saraswathi the one who bestows knowledge and wisdom, Lakshmi the one who the giver of abundance, and parvathi the giver of support, passion, love. With these goddess the gods are incomplete. A simple example is that what is the use of a body that doesn’t have abundance in the form of food, or health, to sustain? Hence the yin (Feminine) and yang (Masculine) plays in hand in hand equally. Man cannot simply take birth on earth and start working for his salvation right away by means of just dharma alone, and as explained above about the intricacy and interdependence among the yin and the yang, all the three on the right hand side are interdependent and define each other with the subtle assumption of the existence of the other. For example good can be defined as that which is not bad. And vice versa.

The purpose of his life upon earth is to map between the (I) and (God) that is (=). So called equilibrium should be attained. As this can be explain from the above equation, where the left hand side talks about the God, or salvation or Moksha, and the right hand side talks about the (I) who is a symbol of false identity or Ahamkara. And when the mapping is done, then its done, don’t you think that the left hand side conflicts with the right hand side in general context, and so does this also suggest that its not listing and it an equation? Anyway let us come back to the topic.

The quest for salvation is like to desire to break the orbit of rebirth cycle of a soul. And the soul needs to gain its sufficient momentum to break the orbit, just like an electron to break the orbit needs to gain more potential to excite into the higher orbit, or break the orbit itself.
Therefore man passes through the rigors of life and it experiences and learns to appreciate the value of liberation. He becomes sincere in his quest for salvation. And this is a way of understanding the question or quest. And this is the pain of ignorance or illusion, we are all so complexly and beautifully deluded, I could manage to write just a fraction of a drop of this ocean here. Well let us see how and other shades of these right hand side of the equations individually.

Dharma- (Book of Law) the very very tricky part of life. I will ask you one thing “What’s the Pizza like?” where I say I loved it, and you say just didn’t like it. So “What’s the pizza like?”

This raises the basic fundamental question, What is good and bad? Im saying the pizza is good, and you say it bad. And so this reminds the climax quote for this, is that, there Is no good or bad in life, as they are all a series of events or consequences.( which I never understood what my sir told me once, but sir, now I can understand what you could have meant to me)

Folks, Dharma is that which you believe is Right. Truth is Dharma, if you think it is right just hit it. And ask you self how you could be true in thought emotions and actions to find you peace. This doesn’t hint to do donations, do good deeds, im talking only about being true. And how to make that a practice to your quest to find salvation, if you feel that donation or something else will help you a step ahead then please do not once or twice, more than that. And this doesn’t also hint that don’t donate. I hope you get my point, if you feel that I have confused you, please re read the above, and feel the word, define the each words, and introspects. Im sure and clear what im speaking.
Artha – abundance, the once that I believe that would be more appropriate to our mission salvation, would be firstly The Time , health, Wisdom, love, Faith. Now abundance can be again classified in terms intellectual, physical like health, and emotional, based on these I have listed few here, where time is a common element in all the realms. And you could also add some more to this list.

Kama – Kama in a broader sense means desire and in a narrow sense sexual desire. But observing desire, desire is a kind of thinking that you feel of possessing it material or emotional form of manifestation or may be intellectual too. This is a department of brahma and saraswthi, where thought is brahma and the ability to map or unite two thought is saraswathi, this is the origin of thinking, and once thinking is happening, ability to think smart comes into the picture; this is how the different forms of beings like humans, animals, plant kingdom are derived. So I would like to say that memory comes into this sections. And consciousness comes into the Dharma, when these interact, that is between the what is known and what you know now results the skimming of the wisdom from knowledge, now what you want to do with wisdom, which is just nothing but the desire, or desire for wisdom is a desire, is also going to matter, so how do we face this issue for achieving the salvation had to be planned.

The pursuit of moksha or salvation liberates him to the extent what ever I write here, it just doesn’t make sense, if I say you will become god, who is everywhere, then is he everywhere, does he know he is everywhere, or we identify that he is everywhere? When you are god, I would still be praying to you, and you wouldn’t even bother to see back, because you are god, and I create my suffering, and you know if make it like the successful sperm, I will be make It our of the womb. Or else im flushed out of the urine, into the world or loo. Moksha is a clinical death of an identity in the name of god, to be god.

Moksha actually means absence of moha which means there is no “I” or (i)llusion.

So folks get your life a rewarding and enriching experience and lead you in the right direction on the path of liberation. And so do i.

Sarve jana sukhino bhanthu, samastha loka sukhino bhanthu. And I hope there were no jana and loka at all, before now, or after. So that we would have to talk this crap out here.


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