Who am i ? – What Where How?

God is formless and nameless, but since to understand that he is infinity or zero, which sounds funny for the words im using are itself contradicting, understand infinity? Understand the zero? But any ways this what I believe that the structure of the god are being categorized, in a symbolic way. This same structure is seen in you, me among all our humans.
For example to give your location, you can start as this way, Im from earth (GOD) asia continent, country India,  AP state, Hyderabad city, S.R.Nagar, mahalakshmi mansion, 203. is my location of residence. The same is god has manifested in two forms, parashakthi, and parabrahma, who are the supreme masculine manifestations and supreme feminine manifestation. The word supreme means, no one beyond, that means the duality doesn’t exists beyond them, and blow them the parabrahma manifests him self as the masculine trinity brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainers, and shiva the destructor. And the parashkathi who is the opposite of the parabhrama the supreme feminine, manifests herself as feminine trinity, saraswathi the goddess of knowledge, lakshmi goddess who supports sustenance that is goddess of abundance, and the paravathi, the goddess of love.
Now coming to understand what is all about the “What, where, how”
Firstly in a nutshell the what deals with the one of the pair trinity, the brahma and saraswathi. Brahma is a thought, and saraswathi give the logic or meaning to the thoughts, called as thinking. She is the binding factor between the two thoughts. This is how the knowledge takes birth, and when you make priorities and few emotions to them, then the knowledge transcends to the wisdom. So with out the both of them there is no meaning or no start itself.
This is governed by one other pair of trinity, the Vishnu and the lakshmi, where the Vishnu is the one who gives form for anything, and the lakshmi supports it sustenance. A simple example is that the Vishnu is the symbol of the human body, and the lakshmi give you food to sustain the body. Hence these deal with “Where” as position or pitching the “What”.
Please don’t understand as the logical How, but it a short cut way of representing the quantity, “How much”. To be more precise these set, the shiva who is know for destruction or rejanuate and re cycler and paravathi the becomes the cause for it to happen,  that is we die (shiva), we are born again (Paravathi- she become the reason for why we have to be born again.) these two are responsible for all your satisfactions in any context or consciousness or what you call the karma summarizers.

The next level of the flow chart you shall that I have mentioned the again a set of “What, Where, How” this is an attempt to have a microscopic view from the above stage. For now as per my understandings these what could be presentable, hopefully near future we would be in a position to have realms to explore.
Inner world of What:
Please scroll up the page and read the “What” section once again and return here, now I will talk about a letter in an envelope that had to be delivered to the addressee of an address, now the concept of letter, envelope and all the definition used are all copyrighted to brahma, and the saraswathi write the letter, she just write the letter with out any bias, but the human mind interprets into a good letter or bad letter, knowledge is like knife, you can use to save lives and yet take lives. Now the giving it a form, cover that you are holding, and what you see, is all the Vishnu, so saraswathi writes on Vishnu, and lakshmi brings the Vishnu to the sender.(as you need to buy the letter, or acquaint it isn’t it) now the way the sender feels, and the way the receiver feels about the letter is parvathi, and the giving the longevity to the letter(matter) is by the shiva. In this way, the entire six elements (brahma, saraswathi,Vishnu lakshmi,shiva and paravathi) have their own wisdom to support.

Inner world of Where/how:
Please apply the above philosophy and then write this your self, but if you insist me to write, I shall do it for you. but I want you to think if at you have finished till this end.


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