contraditing words!

hi ,
i m new to this community. i luv maa kali very much. can anybody tell me any effective mantra that i should recite daily to make maa kaali happy.

I came across this request by one person in a forum. We and me and we all speak many things, and we are not aware, that we are speaking the answers it self for the questions that we are raising.
If you dissect the above request.
For some one who says that (I love maa kali) will he still need (mantra) to recite to make her happy, do you think the mother will ask gifts and chants from you or just love?

your love is your mantra, my friend. believe it.

Say our quest to find a mantra is honest enough. Here we go.
“ let the question boil you, so much that you are thinking about her, you have love, but you need the mantra, your helplessness to the need to have the mantra is eating you within, let it eat, off this pain as a prayer to her. Tell her and ask if at she is able to hear.” This is called as tapsaya. This is sweet fire or sweet pain. Never run away from it my friend.


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