Krisna leela – Lady & the banana skin

Ok im going to put down a favorite story that I came across when I attended to a satsang of sathya sai baba near my house. this is a story that took place in  period of mahabharatha.
Once upon a time there was a couple, M and F ( I don’t remember their names) where F was a devoted married house wife of M, M was a army chief of one of the  regiment. These couple were ardent devotees of Krishna the great. They were awe of him, people around some times used to feel annoyed about how mad they are about Krishna. And one fine day M, finally encounters Krishna and after expressing his devotion to Krishna, he pleas Krishna to make a visit to his house for a dinner. Pleased Krishna accepts the offer and say that, three weeks from today I shall make this visit on the same day. Enthralled M, thanks Krishna and within a flip of a second M goes to house and breaks the news. And both of the are thrilled, they run onto the streets and shout out loud out of joy, and tells to everyone passing by.
F started having sleepless nights, in fact even M. both were only talking all about what to bring, how to serve, what to serve, how shall we welcome. All the neighbours could see that festival preparation in their house. one day abruptly a week before to the day they were expecting Krishna,  Krishna was passing by that street in his chariot, and then he tells to the driver, to hold on for a while as I have some one dear  and important to meet. And they so the driver stalls in front of the house. Krishna is now knocking the locked doors, the doors were locked because F went to have a shower, and then she from the wash room she hears Krishna voice,” mother im home, you were expecting me right? This is Krishna” listened to this, she was shocked, for what was she doing having Krishna on the doorsteps. She just slams the door open and runs quickly to open the door before it was late. And she welcomes with her happy tears, and address him come Krishna , come , please come in and sit here. She drops the swing down, and lays a cushion and makes him sit, Krishna finally you showed grace on us, how blessed are we. Thank you Krishna, our lives are blessed. We don’t want nothing from this life. Your presence is an honour to us. Mean while the word of mouth reaches the M about Krishna is now in his house, M with out giving a second thought takes his horse and rushes to the home, and when he see the standing chariot out side the house he just couldn’t believe, he was become paranoid for nothing is planned and nothing expected to serve. The house wasn’t decorated enough, the music procession is not there for his stepping into the house. he was shamed how to face Krishna, but then he manages himself with guilt and shame. And now he sees even more devastating scene there, his wife is not having her cloths on her, and her mouth open and looked shocked and awe not aware what is happening around, she was peeling the skin of the banana and dropped the fruit and gave the skin to krisna, observed by M, become furious and drives her off and advises to put on some cloths, and falls on krishnas feet for apologies for giving the skin and not for his wife loosing her mind. Krishna smiles and nods his head, M says, Krishna please let me offer some good food, M grabs a well packed expensive sweet box, and offer to the hands of Krishna, M then grabs another packet of sweets, and offers to Krishna, saying that this is even more better one please have this Krishna. And so he was feeding him with the best of the food fruits available there at his reach. Then Krishna at one point tells to M, M, the best of sweets were not that sweet when compared to the skin that your wife offered me with devotion.” And so the story ends here in the discourse that I attended.
So here is the explanation or moral of the story, in love or devotion, no rules exists, love has nothing to do with the preciseness  not accuracy, nether the presentation.

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  1. geeta said:

    i love read on krisna leela.

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