What is god doing when there was a cyclone?

Firstly god has nothing to do with anything that is happening on the earth, I don’t go into a projector room when you don’t like a scene, the same way, god is having fun, in his dream or in front of his big plasma HDD TV. God doesn’t inject pain or difficulties, god doesn’t saves anyone. God doesn’t listens to the prayers that you are offering, god is one who has kept his doors open to his home. If you step in you are welcomed, and if not, well….that means still time to say “welcome home”.

Then who are we praying to, who is rescuing us?

We are praying to us, we are contemplating to us, we are soaking the seed of desire in us, and so the desire grows in to a tree and give the fruits that you are looking forward from the dream.

So do I mean, that Jesus, allah, or the rishis, other religious legends and gods, were all telling us a lie that god exists?

Certainly not, I will put it this way, that they were speaking our language. So do I mean that I god doesn’t exists, yes and no, until you realise that god doesn’t exists, you should and will believe he exists, and there will a point where you will start believing that god doesn’t exists.

This is one of the few fundamental confusing, articles that which can not be shared with the mouth of word, but should be felt personally and introspected personally. I really really hope, you have the touch of this belief.


Some more words to add to the same topic, take an incline wooden plank, and spill water over it, it will flow, place your hands, the water still finds its way to flow on the slope in other direction, it is its nature, the beauty about nature is it has intelligence, the much beautiful part of human is that, we have intelligence to manipulate the intelligence. The nature is adapting and adopting to us ( you cut down the tree, it still finds a way to get the nature cycle going on) the same way we are also adapting and adopting to the nature, ( in spite of the summers going hotter and hotter we are still able to bare and still able to find a way to continue our nature of life) tell me where is a room of devil demon, god, to come in and pump cyclone to us. Like our shit stinks, the natures process of rejunation also can be disturbing to us. There is nothing unfair about it.

All these great saints and holy people are the power sales men, who sold us the “GOD” and then the great humans sold “NORMALITY” to us, unfortunately this article may not make sense at all. But what to do? This is what we call “life” , welcome to earth anyways.


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