What`ll u do if u have 6 minutes to live?

i cant hug my self, im sorry.
so im seeing straight into my eyes.
speaking from my soul.
truly you have been the greatest companion of me.
you hold me tight in all the good and bad days.
and now you are dyeing
and i cant save you from that…
you did so much to me….unconditionally…
yet i can not do anything to save you….
this only life that i was capable of remembering these last few minutes, i shall dedicate to you, for giving me this opportunity to call me…..sandeep.yelubolu.
I love you.i thank you.
and i thank all those who made you complete.
and lastly i hope you are my last temple in my journey.
khuda hafis.
“om sarve jane sukhino bhavanthu
samastha loka sukhino bhavanthu”


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