http://www.wikipedia.org = My Mind

1.visit URL http://www.google.com
2.use the search key words as ” philosophy wiki”
3. click on the relevant link that takes you to wikipedia.
4. keep reading as much as possible for next three minutes.
5. observe that there are few words which are hyperlinked, that is when you click on few words they redirect to the respective word topic hosted in wikipedia.

Here for our further understanding purposes, let us assume that the wiki page that we opened from google is a source page and when clicked on a word we have child pages.

The very same way, our human mind is like the wiki, say for example, this page that i wrote call it “scrap” it has many word, click relevant information can be retained from my mind. so visually how complicated it is to share knowledge it self?
i mean, you understood the scrap, but each words that i used, have different child page content to that of your wiki-mind.
so if i had to share one scrap, then i have transfer the child articles redirecting from that scrap, and if you consider that child page is a new scrap, then there will be new child pages coming, and so to conclude, this is nearly impossible to share true knowledge to others.
definitely is a wikidmind.


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