It is the truth that frees! – what? who? when?

“It is the truth that frees, not your effort to be free”

Who is not free? the quote is valid to those who believe that they are not free. do you really think we are not free? this word “Free” is a relative word, it changes, time to time, variable to variable. don’t believe that you are false, don’t condition that you need the truth, don’t believe that you are not free, and don’t believe that you can be free. this way you are feeding your brain with the positive quotes, but you are also accepting the hidden assumptions. don’t ruin your peace my friend.

So who are you? have you got any answer? If yes, you have failed. Don’t answer, that’s the answer. This is what I call it as absolute objectiveness.

My sir taught one of the best mediation practice. Something im grateful, its core principle is to be objective, that’s all no masalas(spices). What actually happens there eyes wide shut, all we have to do is just observe the thought, and don’t respond, don’t react, just let them pass through, if you get distracted, come back to the observance state, don’t think, but just observe. Let the stream of thought flow, flow and flow.

Now if it is true that, the external world is a reflection of your inner world, then, to see the inner world you close your eyes, to see the outer world, you open your eyes, and to meditate open eyes, just observe the cars going, observe the people walking, observe the smoke raising, observe the birds chirping, and that’s it let the world move, move, move and move.

So the context to why I told you not answer the question “who are you?” makes sense?

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  1. brij said:

    i never meditated … to be really frank…never thought so hard … of reasons to be alive, and having thoughts…pretty simple..the ability to question was always there…but if you don’t follow what people think is right, they call you mad.

    Have you ever worn a Tie, it’s nothing but a useless, complex piece of cloth serving no purpose, but people wear it, they don’t question it, if one does, he’s termed as mad.

    if i want to kiss a tree, and cry my heart out, people would prefer me to hug a person rather than a tree, b’coz that’s what people do, nobody cries with trees.

    But staying out of the domain is no way, i guess walking the line, experiencing and being enough like other PEOPLE is a great thing, i can also have a beer or two, with a cool english chic and see what’s so good in that, what’s it that peple enjoy in that…and i am sure if you do it, you’ll enjoy.

    Giving any kind of Joy to your body / soul…there is nothing wrong with it, but follow the trail, coz if u don’t people call US MAD.

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