Pray to me, im the God

Please be patient to read all the way till the end, to see what is all these related to the topic.

human body survival, the word explains it self that the body has to survive, survival is a reflexive response of the body, survival is a fundamental intelligence. so the body after trial and error, tracking, learning, and summarising, they have concluded into two sections called the edible and the non edible things. i wonder how many times did the body died trying to figure out this wisdom itself.

then comes the organ survival, I really wonder how did heart start realise that it is supposed to pump the blood, and that too its reflexive, i mean automatic. so its intelligence says that you are supposed pump blood at an average of so many beats per second, and so many span of years, and do these respective jobs which we call as heart. how did the body get this wisdom? and like wise the brain?

this rises the question of survival of the brain and its thought emanated really wonder how the brain functions, and the intelligence of its functionality, the way it generates thoughts, and how it converts thoughts to thinkable once, and then trigger respective emotions. now when it comes to the survival of the thought i have a simple analogy. how is baby born? when millions of sperm cells enter into the uterus, then only few of may be one makes it to unite with the egg, and form a zygote. then that later develops to become a baby. the same way, our brains are fed with loads of data, recurring, non occurring, relevant, non relevant, like and disliked, and so on.. like your vision, mind pays special attention only to the certain details, and the rest is drained. like how the body absorbs the respective necessary nutrients, and minerals for the healthy functioning of the body, the same the data feeded is being absorbed by different fundamental like minerals and vitamin data banks, that will be later used in the form of knowledge, thinking, effective emotional triggering utilities, memories. and etc.

soul survival is the overall unaccounted details of you, and also the all that’s been mentioned about you. because we clearly dont know the above are driven or they drive. the same way as we refer as god, we are referring as soul here.
now tell me am i worthy to be preached, am i not capable to create a miracle when im a living miracle? look around, you have no time to hate when once you started fall in love.
but anyways, pray to me, im the god, the walking eating breathing and living wisdom.


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