Who am i? – Me and my role.

Who would you be if you had no roles in life? Would you still be yourself?”

— Thomas J. Leonard,

y01,y02 …y0n are different initiators for a given task.

r1,r2,…rn are different roles that can be assigned or related to.

t is time.

Y1,Y2,….Yn are once sub-personality or tagged people for a given generic of tasks.

You is the absolute you.

You living is one who is swimming between the consequences of different events and situations in life with respect to time.

You being means, the people who call them as poet, musician, teacher…..etc.

when the role is equal to zero, the complete structure collapses, and become a zero.

this state can be attained by awareness or ignorance. ignorance means not even born, awareness is one who know this thing in and out.


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