Is that an Answers or a Solutions?

In my childhood there used to be a riddle that even you could have come across.


How do you make a line drawn on a paper, make it small without erasing the line?


Draw a line that is bigger than the given line adjacent to the given line.


(1)   a line can answer the line, a question asked, the cross question as a reply is the answer. So “answer” is different from the solution. So in life are we getting the answers or solutions for the problems we are facing or raising?

This is how I have gathered definitions of the these two words,

Solution: A correct reply, the method or process of solving a problem.

Answer: A spoken or written reply as to a question.

Normally, if some one asks or you face a problem, one would like to have the solution rather than to remain us still in state of question.

(2)   this is how the desires and prayers are answered by the god, we never get what we want, we are always get the a bigger line, where a part of it answered in the question but then it’s a bigger problem now, if this was not implemented then it would be a spiral collapse of the structure of humanity, hence now due to this the structure I believe to be in circular.

(3)   This riddle can also be used to an important law of distraction.

(4)   Shall update this space, if I find some more.


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