why me and Why you?

Things to understand:
(a) I know why you blame me
I know why you blame….yourself
Assumptions or past beliefs:
External life is a manifestation of once inner life.
Emotions are directly proportional to the physical body. (E= Mc2)
Every emotion is a sub-personality in you, and a composition of all the persons completes the Perfect definition of once identity.
Test Emotion: Anger.
Physiological effects: I guess I can include many diseases here that will or most likely to happen in due course of time.
Inference: It harms us too.
To the others: would you like some one to scream out loud on you? No matter what we never would like to be in one of these situations, no one likes to fight, yes you might fight back and other stuff. But its something not you take pleasure of right. I agree that the process of releasing might me a satisfactory but one might have thought at least one, “what if none of these happened at all?”
Inference: there is discomfort on the other end too. That is if you are involved, you pay for it.
If we say that all that discussed can be called is a “Act of doing” by a doer. Now the doer wants to forgive someone, so executing the emotion, in the above structure, it is evident that one needs to experience forgiveness to forgive others too. Because one has no right to abuse their body itself, so one needs to forgive for that is hurt within, and so as to his outer reflection that is the person. I hope with example one can make some effort to understand the aim of this article.
* im not very happy the way i have written, needs some more work to put in. thank you for your patronage.


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