A need for advanced meditation

Truth, Reality, self, Atman, Brahman, Purusha, Pure Consciousness, Or What ever else you want to call it CANNOT be smelled, tasted, seen, touched, or heard. Those are merely senses (indriyas), which are instruments by which consciousness experiences outer or inner objects. To know the true self, it is imperative to go perquisite to advanced meditation. (Yoga Sutra 2.54-2.55)


If im zero, you are infinity,

If you are infinity, im zero.

(Quantity wise or mathematical saying)

Either ways both the terms are in accessible, hence yet again im victorious to prove that the fucking god is a zero or infinity. And as mentioned above it takes more then the biological senses to figure him out what the heck is “The God”, and my peace. Hey, you must have heard that people have disappeared from space, their flights or shuttles gone missing mystically, the same way the so called “Enlightened once too” they are not with the object/being called god but they simply disappeared, and so one day we will all. we could also disappear after the death of this life time itself, who knows….fucking life, fucking humans. Fuck all.


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