Random stones on me…about mE.

I want to shoot my brains to get him down
But I realise he is the one who run my brain.
So how do I get him down?
Commentary: I want to shoot the shooter, but then I realise that the one to shoot is not the brain that realises or interprets, but it’s the thought about his existence is killing him.

I want to be lost with no acknowledgement.
Commentary : I want to die, and realise that I was never born to die.

Me: I repeat, I repeat and I repeat I….
You: ok, so are you planning to speak what you are repeating?
Me: that’s what I have started to think of. That I have been repeating the same thing again and again.
You: god dam it , what is it that you are repeating.
Me: I….
Commentary: I was born into this misery again and again, and this came to my awareness just now that, “why I was reborn into this misery? And how do I stop this crap?

* Be born to a rich father or die until you are born to one.
be a father to your son, what you dreamt of your father. or else die until…( i don’t know what you want to be now)

a great saying that there is a pit step ahead and a well step behind is not false when it comes to context of life as a human. this life is a fucking sandwich of between the well and the pit, above and under the only world called hell. my friend this is truth.
ethics to live is a one of the curves sculpted by the sculpture on once ego.

Commentary: In life , either you walk the path the good or bad, it doesn’t matter, every one struggles, both of them walk dreaming of a reward, but then there is no reward, there is no end to anything. And other humans will not let you live peacefully in the name of civilization, religion, and so on…anyways….to conclude…die where you are. peace with you.


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