Lies about a truth.


Only lies can live, only liars have life,

The truth is immortal that never was born.


Energy, can not be created nor destroyed.  

God, is one who is never born, and so no question of death.
now this what I mean “Truth is immortal” that never was or will be born.


Maya = illusion.

We are alive, Now, we don’t know what lies beyond and beneath our brief period of life here. We have taken for granted of what we call is “Real”, but how do we define “What” is real?

What if the mind that interprets is switched off? Where are we? Who are we then? So the possibility that im a super hyper chronic schizophrenia?

“ I exists and so the world exists”

Therefore I call, “Only lies can live” and everything that is alive is a lie,

Only liars have life, so im a  liar.

Hope everything I wrote is a big lie.


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