what’s cooking tonight! – oct 2007

{This post is just a glance of what happens in my mind – i don’t know what i wrote basically a cluster of thoughts, this series is just a scraping my thoughts here}

I create you, and to create you, I have to have an image of mine, now who the fuck is me that creates me and you. Another saying of UG is that, one dies, and can die clinically, that is can be called or claimed as clinically dead, but then this body doesn’t experience death, now who am i? who is it me this body? How come there is a coincidence of the same thing like me, in others? Is it a soul travel? So does there exists a fucking soul?

When you made up your mind, then why are you thinking of pain, which you don’t have to deal there after?

I prefer masturbation to sex. (my friends words)

I cant understand this girl/boy?

One can never understand anyone, as there is nothing to understand at all, since man is full of shit. One wants to understand other because they want to control (don’t you fuck jump on me to debate), if they cant get the groove of the others, they get chopped off.

Fear prevails.

Fear prevails, in and out.

Fear prevails, everywhere.

Fear prevails in me.

I don’t know why but I claim myself as a human.

I don’t know what I want.

I don’t know what I need

I don’t know why do I seek,

I don’t know why pass my curse.(birth of a child)

I don’t know why am I born

I don’t know why I one day die.

I don’t know what happens between.

I don’t know how I find a reason and a sense in everything.

I don’t know why I failed to find that reason to save myself from insanity.

I don’t know if what I claim now is right or wrong but

I feel I know one thing, Im insane, insanity prevails in me and so in the world I see.

I would like to invite you to be a participant of my wild nightmare.

I made you.


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