Has any one seen God?

Has any one seen God?

Has any one seen God? I do not dispute it .I believe that there is God. There is something unique in the world and universe that I feel always. Where people go after death? All these questions remain unanswered! When you look around the world you will really feel spectacular things have been happening always. It is difficult to understand in one life time.

I have been wandering always seeing the wonders of the world and universe.

What people achieve at last? People have been fighting among each other for any rhyme or reasons. What I know the death is certain after sometime but we do not wish to remember it? War can not bring happiness in human life and it can bring disaster only.

I wish Saint to make people understand the hard truth of life that will bring ultimate peace in life.


The above was a post by an anonymous person, if seen above there are many people in an around you, who will speak their own language of reasoning that the god exists, and neither do i disrespect them, if one feel he exists well yes he does, to me im  not really sure this is why, or should i ever validate him at all? so what did i mean? forget that for a moment, but from the above, especially the one in the italics, i felt that the humans, created the GOD from or for his ignorance, anything that is know make it a friend(god) or foe(devil).

i also wonder this way, if a person is able to create the word called GOD for some thing that his is wondering about the life, why didnt he some more brains to accept that this is god himself, why the fuck does he want some thing other, and some one (gurus) to tell him that he is ominipresent or what ever shit in big manuals(sriptures)? but anyways, i leave the topic to you.

  1. joe said:

    In the Bible,
    Genesis 1:27: “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him” (quite an image that would be)

    The question is….shouldnt it be ‘And Man created God in His own image, in the image of Man He created him’

    But to be quite frank id like to know who came up with GOD, before Allah,before all hindu gods,before Buddha,before Christ,before the Pegan Gods……What kind of a sick twisted !%$@@#**…..nevermind lol, im sure he had good intentions.

  2. Joe said:

    One more thing, HOW THE HELL DO YOU WRITE SO MUCH? LOL………i have to admit i envy you, when ever i pick a subject i cant comeup with more that 2 lines to write about it with out sounding boring, how do you do it?

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