talking about nothing.


What is complete satisfaction?

What is satisfaction? When is man completely satisfied?



Man raises a condition to himself, and when he achieves it, he is gratified. for example, when he want to eat an ice cream, his survival has nothing to do with the taste of food, but this is a condition that he popes himself, now untill he didnt acheive it he assumes that he is suffering, this is pain.

when man will achieve complete satisfaction?
the day understands that he never was exited,
the day he has nothing to understand,
nothing to achieve,
nothing to contain,
this is freedom,
to not hold any intelligence is………. (no words…..if there are then im talking about nothing).



  1. Joe said:

    What you said is true, and as alwalys id like to add a bit more, satisfaction comes with the price of Progress and vice versa, if a person had found a way to do something that he/she was satified with, they would no longer cradle hopes of finding a better method. And if progress was their soul aim, satifaction would always seem just a feet away…always.

  2. gosay said:

    very true Joe, You are always welcome to add your views, its my honour…..Cheers.

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