Which is the greater fear? Death or Dying?

Which is the greater fear? That of death or that of dying?……well i think to me its both together, fuck man, fuck life, why the hell on earth i come to? for now its not yet clear, i havent yet convinced my self anything, so its still a false imagination appearing real to me. fuck death. Ban humans.

  1. Joe said:

    If you think about it, humans are the only elements that dosent quite make sense in the whole mother nature balancing equation. We serve no other purpose other than to satify a growing chain reaction of ‘invade, currupt and multiply’

    Ive always said that the purpose of human beings is to die, the time in between is your call, basically if you think about it, all your doing is planing out probabilitys of the best possible way to die. Death isnt scary at all,it simply happens…..its the warning that kills 🙂

  2. Gosay said:

    yup! 100% true, humans to die is on stop solution to himself, and to nature 🙂

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