A Chat with my friend Nov 2007

 Mark is the screen name i used to keep his name annonymous. 

Gosay: ? everything and anything about life is actually worst, anything new?

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: i find the wort thing about life is that….it just keeps going on

zzq: what ever you do, what ever you endure or achive or come to pass

zzq: it just keeps going on, throwing more shit our way…on n on n on n on n on n on n on lol

Gosay: yup, thats why i concluded  with this theory of “Misathropy”

Gosay: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>saw this pic

zzq: some times i wonder what life would be like if it was a game, a computer game, you do something, you achive a goal…n your job i done

zzq: hahaha nice

zzq: but where would you stick that?

Gosay: my own blog

Gosay: :))

Gosay: where else i have space…

Gosay: on my about page,

zzq: hahaha…….n you wonder why theres noone threre lol

Gosay: 🙂 you are right mate

zzq: no i meant as in Hypothetically, where would it go? i mean…….at homes? social places?

Gosay: man, life is pretty much fucked up, everything everywhere

zzq: …at who we are?

Gosay: itteligence is a great curse

zzq: and “Ignorance is Bliss”

zzq: 🙂

Gosay: bliss, yes man

Gosay: it is , turely it is, but being the so called “non living thing” is much better

zzq: if its non living why would we be that?…………its no difference than being simply dead

zzq: different*

Gosay: yes, that is wat i should have said directly 🙂

Gosay: never existed itself

zzq: I dont think ill respect this man because he gets irritated so easily (Krishna murthy

Gosay: but i see his anger, a driving force man, he is the finest thinker i came across till now,

zzq: have you ever thought about that? if actually had the thought capability in the woumb, n if someone had asked you…..Would you like to live? wht would you say

Gosay: i dont know, what my itteligence was then, but now since i feel or understand that i want to give up, but then, im worried whats next.

Gosay: i want to quit

Gosay: i want to quit , but fromwhat ? to where?

Gosay: im not sure, till date, but there is something fishy about life

zzq: hahahaha……….did you get my mail? i said the same thing

Gosay: i lost trust in any dam thing

zzq: life is a constant race, you can either run with, or fall back and watch your life go down a toilet

Gosay: 🙂 actually a breif skim, as i was hungry(even now), batting/chatting on the reserve battry …so not in detail to think about wat you meant

zzq: i chose the latter

zzq: aah ok…did you eat?

zzq: hey….go eat if your hungery

zzq: hungry*

Gosay: no mark,

Gosay: i really want to eat 🙂

Gosay: will catch u in a while?

zzq: why not?

zzq: umm sure ill be here

Gosay: cheers

zzq: cheers

zzq: where are you going?

zzq: any idea when youll be back?

Gosay: im going downstairs to se if anything is there to eat

Gosay: ii think another 10-15min?

zzq: oh ok then

zzq: 🙂

zzq: Bonapatite

Gosay: cheers

zzq: cheers

Gosay: hey mark

zzq: I saw some of Mr.Krishnamurthis videos, and he actually makes a lotof sense,i feel like ive copied off him in my Blogs lol. Not to criticize But i find one thing thats wrong with his approach, he fails to rocognise

Gosay: i have endded up cooking

zzq: ..social history

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: what are you having?

Gosay: yup there are lot of intresting stuff on youtube,

Gosay: im making chiken curry

zzq: and

Gosay: 🙂

Gosay: rasam already there

zzq: Rasam…do you mean that puree with, tomato n stuff

Gosay: half an hour curry ready, yes u r right

Gosay: thats rasam


zzq: on rice

Gosay: got to rush mark, will come back again if u r there lets have fun

zzq: i wouldnt need anyhting else for lunch lol

Gosay: 🙂

Gosay: catch u soon

zzq: alright

zzq: eat fast lol

zzq: just kidding take your time

zzq: his way of thinking has a hint of dogmatism to it, not a method thatll have the normal man to take notice, to restructure the human beleif history is…..next to impossible, the best thing we can do is enlighten it. Make people aware of the truth and while letting them hold on to what ever illutions that calm/support/provide help for them.

zzq: its about Rhyme And Reason, Colour And Line

zzq: Good God Man…What are you eating?

zzq: HELLOOOO….Anyone alive out there?

zzq: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………?

Gosay: sorry bro

Gosay: it took so long, curry, rice, rasam, cleaning, eating……

Gosay: sorry to keep you waiting

zzq: ahok

zzq: its alright

Gosay: oh you r there 🙂

zzq: yup :0

zzq: 🙂

Gosay: so you finished your dinner?

zzq: Ya

zzq: its about to be 11here

Gosay: oh, when do you genrally sleep?

zzq: 11:30 12…..

Gosay: oh,

zzq: when i dont have anything to do the next day

Gosay: oh , when im not working, i sleep in the day, like, 5 in morning

Gosay: and get up in the afternoon at 12

zzq: hhahahaha wonderful schedule

zzq: i actually if i stay up im more creative and active at night

zzq: but i cant afford to, as i may have classes or my mom screaming at me

Gosay: 😀

zzq: 🙂

Gosay: my mom is sweet in this case, she doesnt bother me in this persoective, but she wakes for a tea 😀

Gosay: which i can say no

Gosay: company mate 😀

Gosay: so again sleep after that

zzq: haha

zzq: hey i wanted to ask you do you understand malayalam?

Gosay: no no

zzq: but you do know tamil?

Gosay: yup

zzq: Enakku tamil konjam konjama theriyum

Gosay: but since i can almost follow tamil

Gosay: i can give more app guess to a conversation a

zzq: so whats you language basically?

Gosay: apidiya, nalla persuvare !

Gosay: telugu

zzq: ooooh ok……..i took you for a tamilian,

zzq: ussualy people who know tamil can understand Malayalam, coz they are some what similar

Gosay: no no

Gosay: yaa, enjoy madi

Gosay: 🙂

Gosay: thats wat i know in malayalam

zzq: I can recognise telugu from others but dont speak a word of it

zzq: actually that dosent make any sense lol

zzq: hahahahahaha sorry

Gosay: ha ha

Gosay: so  how your new friend UG

zzq: how do you say Hello/hi in telugu

zzq: like i said before:  I saw some of Mr.Krishnamurthis videos, and he actually makes a lotof sense,i feel like ive copied off him in my Blogs lol. Not to criticize But i find one thing thats wrong with his approach, he fails to rocognise

his way of thinking has a hint of dogmatism to it, not a method thatll have the normal man to take notice, to restructure the human beleif history is…..next to impossible, the best thing we can do is enlighten it. Make people aware of the truth and while letting them hold on to what ever illutions that calm/support/provide help for them.

Mark: its about Rhyme And Reason, Colour And Line

zzq: recognise the way of Social history*

Gosay: yes, very well spoted mark, very impressed.

zzq: would you be willing to state that on a legal document please? id like to frame  and hang it in my house

zzq: lol

Gosay: as i he did inspired me to new avenues, but then i was clearly blocked in many situations where i couldnt figure out, but neither his other material could give me answers ( but i have read a lot, tht which is few in content)

Gosay: :))

zzq: almost everyone i talk to about such matter either they agree completely or deny everything

Gosay: :)) good that you didnt meet the other set, where nothing happens.

zzq: hahaha

Gosay: well are you on orkut?

zzq: i am….but i dont ussually go there

zzq: its just there for the names sake

Gosay: oh cool, but it could be sometime hady to kill time man,

zzq: did you see my videos?….nothing provocative like my blog entires

Gosay: oh, i saw the first video, very a little girl was smiling, and finshing line was dam, impacting

Gosay: which software do yo use ?

Gosay: i did only only one video till date, i used powerdirector.

zzq: Just the average Windows Movie Maker

Gosay: oh cool.

zzq: well then let me see it …WHAT are you waiting for llol

Gosay: and i clicked yours, and then there were your msn profile pic running

zzq: ya…that was for an art competation (which i didnt win) 😛

Gosay: it was a private video of my friends good memeories ,

zzq: people had a said a few nice things so didnt have the heart to take it off

zzq: aah ok

Gosay: 🙂

Gosay: ok, i will have to see if i can share that video privately

Gosay: or else if your net speed is quick i will try other means of streaming it from my pc

zzq: ive been meaning to do aloto videos, but im just tooo….lazy…..today itself i wanted to do so much , but i just keep putting it for later

zzq: you can. all you have to do it add me as a friend, then send it to me

zzq: or rather in their terms “SHARE” it with me

Gosay: see, either you should be enjoying lazyness to the core, or enjoy doing what you feel like doing, anything other that that, welcome to plant confusion

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: ya lol

Gosay: ok cool, once i upload the cideo i will do, i think you can expect it tommorow

zzq: i forgot who said this, ‘JJ’ something “It is impossible for one to truly enjoy lazing about unless one has plenty to do”

zzq: alright, great 🙂

Gosay: 🙂 actually the original version goes this way, ” either snake dies with the stick broken, but not snake die with out the stick broken”

Gosay: english translation is bad

Gosay: but then the telugu saying when told will sound good, i belive is this breached then complication is invited

Gosay: law of any complication: remember that there is a price,

Gosay: price of lazyness, price of time, price of every act, but when i spend time in nothing, its fine, i love doing it

Gosay: but some leacher wants to steal time from me, like you will see many parasites

Gosay: around in your life, they just suck your time, and at the end you feel drained.

Gosay: im scared of time, when see a digital clock, im scared, why the fuck this doesnt rest

zzq: hahaha

zzq: again…..its measured life….that keeps going on n on n on n on…..i bet that makes more sense now

zzq: exactly whats wrong 🙂

Gosay: and i also belive in one quote, ” the only life that im capable of remembering, let this precious irreversable time be dedicated to ___Name/place/animal/thing______.

Gosay: yes, the crazy thing is , the memory gets formated, fucking, i can not rollback the wisdom i carry into the next life.

Gosay: im sure about this, as being astrologer, i have a hunch, after death, things (Karma) gets settles in a diff way

zzq: im not the one into much superstition but i think in some sense we do..

zzq: Exactly

Gosay: karma is like the raw moeny, sorry….exactly…….

zzq: pardon?

Gosay: oh ok, i understood in a differnt way, the above line:)

zzq: 🙂

Gosay: aur bato,

zzq: what?

Gosay: imean, i cut the topic, and

Gosay: thought, will start with a new one

zzq: ah ok 🙂

zzq: do you feel that mind and brain are two different things?

zzq: Oh and also wanted to ask you, do you understand hindi?

Gosay: its like the battery and charge i guess. yes i do understand hindi

zzq: i take is more as Hardware and Software,……i can understand some of it, but cant speak

Gosay: yes pretty much same here too,

Gosay: now i have been wondering, how it all works, mind vs 5 sensce

Gosay: i resently heard an intresting sentence that animals have 4 senses, plants only 1 sense or somehtin like that

Gosay: it made me think,

zzq: mhmm……..?

Gosay: i mean, i didnt validadate or introspected it, he was talking and i was listenting

zzq: i see

Gosay: but i wonder what drives the mind,

Gosay: it starts from survival, and upgrades to adaptation,

Gosay: and then its all blunders blunders and blunders

Gosay: therefer my freinds, our mothers our first enimies

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: lol

zzq: /:)lol

Gosay: but its the smartness of mind, that is the curse for us,

Gosay: it process so much info, that, we start thinking of salvation too 😀

Gosay: poor thing,

zzq: i like that you picked the word smart

zzq: true very true

Gosay: but i also wonder, where does the wisdom store?

Gosay: is it phyisical brain? then where does the karma store?

Gosay: wat is soul consciousness? where on earth does this store?

zzq: well actually in a technically, its at the back of your brain

Gosay: so does that mean that, soul is mind, that drives the brain?

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: nono i was only talking about wisdom

Gosay: is it

Gosay: but then, how does it carry forward to next lives, in the name of vasana and samskara

zzq: wisdom comes from trial and error methoods of experience, and once you figure out that particular formula that works its stored at the back of your head.

zzq: Ok by me……..we Do Not Exist in on world as we are…………

Gosay: oh

zzq: i dont know if that makes much sense to you but thats what i feel sometimes

zzq: there is a world of physical existance, body ,brain, your morning cup of coffee, picking out a coin for that begger on the street

Gosay: yes very true, i aslo think, i open the eyes, i see this world, the shit, i close my eyes, nothing is there, i better dodge those bullets first to rest inpeace, nothing will exists

zzq: then theres another world, that consists of Mind (not brain) Fluctuations in a formula that calculates predictions based of facts from the prior world

Gosay: ok

Gosay: so you mean other world exists

zzq: I think thousands exist, and when i say world i DO NOT MEAN a place with other creatures or other things completely new NO, i mearly call it world as a classification of all things in common

zzq: that relates, reflects and reacts to eachother

Gosay: k

zzq: Like the physical world influences a greater level of world…..REALM that would be the appropriate word

Gosay: k

zzq: to form a chain reaction back to out physcal world……………………………….what do you think?

Gosay: it makes sence, like you have mentioned “structured chaos” this could be “structured illusion” 🙂 , these days, im doubt this theory too, but i have a picture when you explained to me

Gosay: like the broad speactrum of sound, there is audible, ultrasonic, super sonic, or wat ever others are

zzq: Bingo

Gosay: this could go on and on and on,

Gosay: each has its characterisitcs,properties(rules) which you said elegantly as reflect, react resposne (wow i love it this way)

zzq: Finally someone who GET IT….CONGRATULATIONS lol

Gosay: :))

zzq: hahaha

zzq: so let me put into effect how karma works out here….

Gosay: ok,

Gosay: 🙂

zzq: something you do in the physical world, affetcs the  higher realm….which is self programed to BLANCE itself, that is the universal key,Balance, between all,Hot or cold, Anger or Love, Dark or Light everything is in constant motion to balance itself…..even to the very atom

zzq: so when you do something BAD…….it has to be reflected and something must happen to cansel it,

Gosay: perfecto, karma is Energy, whe are all either, particels/souls/wat ever, moviing/stationary, we have diff types of energies, each energy has its opposite (cold and hot)

Gosay: and then this give the position to the state,

zzq: exactly

Gosay: when we gain more energy in this process, we tend to levitate to the heigher levels

zzq: …..good good…go on

Gosay: or that of its equl states of manifestations

zzq: ……………aaand you got it

Gosay: and the universe or god, is not the linear,

Gosay: but then, whe can go any direction,

zzq: But heres the dirty lil trick………its not humanly possible

Gosay: yes, human body is a like a

Gosay: dew on the leaf, or the ice layer formed on the river, due to it chill

Gosay: but then the real is water, like our soul

zzq: mmm

Gosay: so your humanly i assume that its a state of or propertiy of manifestation

Gosay: thats why the real us is not body and its the soul

Gosay: scriptures symbolically say that

Gosay: this is wat we realises as to quit the human band

zzq: mind…..i dont know if theres a soul, i know theres a  mind

Gosay: of energy

Gosay: i dont know  if mind also exists, but there is a thought lcuod

Gosay: like the nuclea clouds

zzq: Instead of everyone asking, WHO am i, id like someone to ask WHAT am i?

Gosay: vice versa hold true,

Gosay: i can be who or what, if iam the brahman, or the creator of me, you and the world

Gosay: then its who,

zzq: funnny to think of it now

Gosay: but if im not sure of that, then this is what

Gosay: 😀

Gosay: yes

Gosay: indeed

zzq: lol

Gosay: but then, i might say all this, but still doubt, does this relaly could exists

Gosay: as mentioned structred illusion,

zzq: ya

Gosay: may be im giving something very convinsing answer?

zzq: you are

Gosay: therefore i settle down, fuck me, fuck humans, fuck god, fuck all

zzq: you know what the problem with philosophy is?

Gosay: HART = Anti human rebeilion team

Gosay: 😀

zzq: hahahhahaha

Gosay: preblem of philosphy….go on

zzq: im quoting now….i cant recall so lemme see if i can find it

Gosay: no worries

zzq: Is there any knowledge in the world which is so certain that no reasonable man could doubt it?.

zzq: theres ALWAYS another point of view 🙂

Gosay: yes perfect, let me share this vision aboiut point of view

Gosay: i hope not its not late , yo are awake?

zzq: na its ok

Gosay: cheers,

zzq: go on

Gosay: see to see that mobile phone, we have a 360 view

Gosay: this is a 4D rendering, then we recognise as a mobile phone

Gosay: you and me, by sharing or gain or gathering or ..info


Gosay: we are creating the

Gosay: ok


Gosay: 🙂

zzq: on any level lol…please explain, if you have the time

Gosay: 2d – height and width  info on the image

Gosay: 3D – depth adds,

Gosay: 4D – is a 360 view

zzq: aah ok

Gosay: cool

Gosay: so when we identify it is a mobile

zzq: mhmm

Gosay: we see in a 360 views, ( just an example analogy only)

zzq: ok

Gosay: so we to creat GOD or “ulimate Truth” or wat ever, we are patching or should say

Gosay: we are genrating this 4D View

zzq: mhmm

Gosay: each view is so vast, intelectual mind gives upo

Gosay: this is how they symbolically, mean i think

zzq: mm

Gosay: that one has to transend intellectual to emotional

Gosay: to reach salvation.

Gosay: or our levels of consciousness, should be one with the mobile, rather identify as an objective

Gosay: it doesnt make sence for us, when we are capable of becomeing one with the god, or nature, we dont have to create or render him at all

Gosay: so the saints are telling the clever way,

Gosay: is that become one with him, and rest will fall in place.

Gosay: makes sense?

zzq: sort of

zzq: but what really is God?

Gosay: yes, now here is the bug

zzq: what do we become one with?

Gosay: 😀

zzq: ………………?

zzq: 🙂

Gosay: yes, now here is where i have to fix it

zzq: ?

Gosay: i dont know, as i told you structed illusion 😀

zzq: haha

Gosay: i dont what is this god

Gosay: and i dont know wht is this theory i wrote

Gosay: they all doesnt make sense again

zzq: hahhahaha

Gosay: 😀

Gosay: fuk ma, why the helll we are here

Gosay: 😀

zzq: you were exaplaining how we view god

zzq: how we try to make sense of it all

Gosay: no no , i mean, out of disgust, like, why we had to struggle so hard to fgure out wat is real,

Gosay: wat is truth, our struggle to share views. ….

Gosay: inthat context, 🙂

zzq: human nature to make sense

zzq: like i say

zzq: “Humans tend to make sense of what they dont understand, Wether it be fact of fiction”

zzq: its just basic human nature,like anger,love,jelousy,………..curiocity

Gosay: yes

zzq: we need answers

zzq: if we cant get them. we turn to the next best thing that makes sense

zzq: be it Bible,Maha bharatham,Quran,another person

Gosay: yes true

Gosay: but, wat a pityfull life is this…..

Gosay: but neither i have guts to kill my self too

Gosay: half baked 🙂

zzq: Hahaha what can we do man?……………and they say suiside is a couwards way out

zzq: Ya you read that didnt you? my blog about suiside?

Gosay: no no, not all, i deny it partially,

zzq: mm?

Gosay: im due to write this artilcle, will be intrestin i suppose

zzq: mhmm?

Gosay: firstly, its not possible by everyone,

Gosay: very few an do it, among them, there are insane and sane,

zzq: why not?

Gosay: but i needs lots of guts to do it,

Gosay: i think, but then, i have one simple quote to start with

Gosay: where, we practise sex to live, we practice meditate  to die.

Gosay: spirtual sucidal is mediation

Gosay: or bhakthi,

Gosay: that wat happened, niravana to swami vivekananda

Gosay: from his crown charka left the light, these are spirutula suciceds

Gosay: there is another genric, tantrics, the

Gosay: are gorilla mind benders,

Gosay: they play with the curses ( a

Gosay: bundle of thoughs, to fullfill a thing)

Gosay: and the parayers, they try to attain absolute command on these thought clouds

Gosay: therefore they can practice, bali, (sacrifice)

Gosay: yet get away

Gosay: this is because, one reason, that

Gosay: they can manipulate the mind,(the brahman) the creator,

Gosay: they can chage thecourse of journey at any time, to anywhere

zzq: or couldnt we say they can manipulate themselves, the Body?

zzq: i dont understand what you meant by journey

Gosay: ok, i do you remember the newtons 2nd law,

Gosay: a body remains o be in its state of motion/stationary

zzq: anything that is in motion will continue to be in motion untill an exteranl force is applied

zzq: ya

Gosay: until unless disturbed by an extenal force

zzq: ya

Gosay: yaa

Gosay: so this is the context of the journey,

zzq: mhmm

Gosay: it could traveling from anywhere, or just stationary

zzq: mhmmm

Gosay: they dont have aim to travel

Gosay: they just travel, but we manipulate ourselves, to rech”god”

Gosay: we dont know if he ever exists too

Gosay: but this happens inthis band, but again distraction, so if one has the power

Gosay: to manipulate the death, they are tapping to the great potetial reservoir of energy,

zzq: which resides in oursels, by theory and manuscripts…..yet we still go somewhere else

zzq: right?

Gosay: hm….as mentioned, we are as ever stationary or we were interupted so we have in the process of effect. or we really are like in this time wirl

Gosay: or river, or current

Gosay: where we keep traveleing and we are somehow aware of it

Gosay: we dont know the words, or the figures, but we try to know what, as here the body has  sense

Gosay: so we are trying to in the process of journey, understanding is happenng as a byprodcut

Gosay: so we might know it and travel, or not know and just travel , i think

zzq: so what is it is the path/time/journey thats travelleing around us as we remain stationary??……….

zzq: something has to move……?

zzq: or did i get it all wrong? :”>

Gosay: no no, i still think you are on track, 🙂 thank fully…..but then its unknown, as like

zzq: lol

Gosay: our human eye has a visibility, for now i can say its a river,

Gosay: but then, may be im in a sea

Gosay: or simulation in my mind 😀

Gosay: (structred illusion)

zzq: hahhaha…it all comes back to that dosent it

zzq: illusions

Gosay: so we are not sure wat is happening in greater perspectives

Gosay: 😀

zzq: Hence we name it God

Gosay: wat fucking goes around, doesnt forgets to come around, bitch

zzq: haha

Gosay: 😀

Gosay: you are right

zzq: this convo started from Suisides………so what about the suisides of the average man?

zzq: the ones who just had enough of life?

Gosay: yes, very well regained, again impressed mark, i love support like this,

zzq: let me ask you is it Sin in the hindu religion to commit suiside too?

Gosay: yes

Gosay: it is said to, but let me put it this way, “sin” is pain, ina broader sense

zzq: lol thanx, Well then its said that ‘GODS’ have planned out every inch of you live, then why is it a Sin when his plans fors us to come to an end come to be?

Gosay: but then, its a pain/sin, when one has no skill, or stong will, to manipulate, i dont know how to put it, if some one wats to esapce, ie, without answering,

Gosay: then the question comes back,

Gosay: again and again,

zzq: mmm

Gosay: once you know how to drive a car, you will drive anytime thereafter. its not a pain to learn again, learn has no sense at all thereafer.

Gosay: likewise, are life lessons,

Gosay: so in this journey , when once motto of death is to escape from the question

Gosay: then its going to come back in matter of time, hence this is stated a pain,

Gosay: but then, i would like to say, like how with thougt, we can extend the ejaculation

Gosay: we can also manipulate, if one know this art, then he can make it out flying colors,

zzq: mhmm

zzq: true

Gosay: even one how has never chanted, or meditate, dieying properly can help him

Gosay: go to other worlds

Gosay: as its that strange moments, where we are transiting, at these times, i think, if dont choose the obvious(human birth) we can sneek out of this current if tried hard

Gosay: like the hero in cast away,

Gosay: finally make into the sea, with his crap boat.

zzq: ive seen that

zzq: tom hanks

Gosay: yup

Gosay: so itsall in mind,

Gosay: salvation is the greatest barrier raised by us,

Gosay: its we who reward ourselves salation

Gosay: this is wat is called as brhaman,

Gosay: if we are mad, then we are mad,

Gosay: this is the real, reality

Gosay: its 100 valid,

Gosay: if i belive im cleaver, im cleaver,

Gosay: the is real, reality

Gosay: it is 100 valid.

Gosay: if i belive im in a prision, i belive im in a body ,

Gosay: for whoe equalvalent is energy,

zzq: lol

Gosay: the yes , i can be energy,

Gosay: for this we practice in other ways to attain this.

Gosay: we are the only culprits, lets take the respobilities

Gosay: let first give us, salvation certficates 😀

zzq: lol

zzq: do you think it starts from the fear of being alone?

Gosay: scilence

Gosay: its haunting thing.

Gosay: thats wat we fear at the time of death,

zzq: some inner thought we know of aourselvs that if we were not obund by limitations that we would not be safe that we giveinto to these ideals

Gosay: we can hear only our voice, this is frightning thing

Gosay: i think

Gosay: could be true, you neve rknow

Gosay: this could be the reason itself

zzq: Structured illusions hahahha

Gosay: =)) there you go

zzq: haha

Gosay: well mark, freind came to my room, so

Gosay: got to take a break 🙂

zzq: oh ok

zzq: …ill be goin to bed

Gosay: ok cool

zzq: you takecare 🙂

Gosay: sleep tight

Gosay: you too

zzq: this was a good chat

Gosay: pleasure talking to you

zzq: very productive

zzq: same here

Gosay: yes yes , i feel the same

zzq: unfortunately wer the only ones who know hahahaha

Gosay: 😀 =))

zzq: alright then, byebye dude

Gosay: we are the only fool s may be

zzq: goodnight

Gosay: =))

zzq: who knows

Gosay: goodnight mark

zzq: Is greay made of white or black?

zzq: who knows

zzq: lol

Gosay: lol

Gosay: take care

zzq: takecare



zzq: do you beleive that ….its the How factor rather than What that affects a persons Karma?

zzq: As in How a person does something rather than What he/she does

gosay: yo are right partally, but how he accepts the outcome, and later, and this is bound to change , as human mind has freewill to screw himself

gosay: so now wat he assumes that he has done right, can turn to his nightmare

gosay: so untill he dies, that is next format

gosay: he is bound to hold the values/thought/intnetions/philoosphy to that act

gosay: the same way he is now

gosay: then only, the it holds good. i think, but nothing is standalone,

gosay: so it can not be just how, it should be even what,

gosay: or together,

zzq: mhmm

gosay: makes any sense?

zzq: a little lol

gosay: 😀

gosay: well i should give examples rather.

zzq: i was thinking more in the sense of the word….Karma, (action) to me its also Reaction

zzq: cause and effect

gosay: yes both are the same

gosay: but then, few flawed assumption, we differentiate, but both are the same

gosay: or handin hand

zzq: i was trying to imply that futher to my Realms theory, from physical to a higher…..i think what starts the cause

zzq: is our on mind,or soul rather you could say that we interpret to have done something bad

zzq: the human conscience

zzq: I think if you do something good, just for the sake of it as in “What you do” with out any emotion as in love or charity behind it it wont start a reaction

gosay: ok, i shall add more words to you vision, this is how it works,

zzq: like wise if you do something bad, and have absolutely no idial for morality i thinnk it wont come back,…………..or maybe its just that we dont notice if it does?

zzq: ok….

gosay: karma is a like bunch of thoughts, like the chemical elements

gosay: we seek, the compatabele emelements to attain equlibrium

gosay: so we use freewill/date pepople/place/animal/thing

gosay: to find the right one, and then the reaction takes place, that is act are done,

gosay: since our act are not linear, that is, we do and  a reaction is awaited, is also the samehappening to the people/place/animal/thing  too

gosay: so now here is where, how we cordinate with the other, to balance the equation, matters,

gosay: now why/what is the reason to choose.

gosay: and how to perform now, is wat matters, here after,

gosay: so if they have bad feelings, or good feelings, and the transcation is terminated,

gosay: he take the traces with ourselves.

gosay: so now, since soul/mind, is a collection of thoughts, when we think of others, telepathycally

gosay: the transactions are happening,

gosay: so good memories transact harmoniously

gosay: or else, want to prove that they are right, so they will try to attack, this is called as psychich attak

zzq: ……..in one of my recent blog entrys did you read that i went through a bunch of paper i wrote when i was small, and those were the ones posted there?

gosay: but if this person has no idea about it, his ressistance will take over, but if he holds the same hatred about the other

gosay: yes, but your english so good, i could get the flow, so equal to not read 😀

gosay: *nt

gosay: *couldnt

zzq: aah ok lol

zzq: well i had written something like this when i was smaller

zzq: i called it mind pulses

zzq: and that every tree animal and man has it

gosay: oh cool

gosay: k

zzq: existing on another realm……i still have that paper with me

gosay: ok i have been wordy here above, i will tell you the climax first

zzq: ok

gosay: see its all in mind, the compilet, the intreprator

gosay: for a mad man, the world is different he thinks we are mad, he is right,

gosay: so is viceversa

gosay: so its all in the mind, so it all the matter of defning

gosay: so is your zeel to search for truth,

zzq: hhahahhhaha……..you know what i just thought of?                (ya i always say sometime mad men make more sense than we do)

gosay: ha ha lol

gosay: ya they really do, that is innosence , not ignorance

zzq: Structured Illusions hahahaha

gosay: haa

gosay: now structre arises based on a foundation—-? foundation is contruscted based on

gosay: few philosophy or point of validations,

zzq: core points

zzq: core facts*

gosay: validations are constructed based on few definations and postualtes

gosay: validate means filters, yes or no . accept or reject

zzq: mmm

zzq: it is

zzq: in some sense

gosay: so  are our defination right?

gosay: are our validation stratagy right?

gosay: are our philosophy that is arised right?

zzq: could be

gosay: is our structe right?

gosay: if you ask one question, all the structres will fall

zzq: You know something….i herd this once somewhere and its so simple but the more i thin of it it makes confusing sense

gosay: how do define every word her,

zzq: true

gosay: no no wait a sec

zzq: ok..

gosay: so now when you start defining eveyrhitng,

gosay: you will stop one point, Who am i, or what am i?

gosay: you are lost here, like wise anything , any emotions,

gosay: now to add more trojans to this

zzq: lol

gosay: what is real? how do i define real?

gosay: thats it

zzq: we dont know

gosay: the OS collapses

gosay: so the structre no matter what you rise is a false

gosay: so this is a structred illuison,

gosay: no no, its simply illusion only,

gosay: structre is a part of it

gosay: 🙂

zzq: aah lol

gosay: validation is a biggest catch in life

gosay: to measure we need a reference,.

gosay: to check with respect to this, this is right

gosay: w.r.t this this false, but inlife, one has no validation

zzq: but as long as we can quiestion everything there wont be a referance

gosay: fuck the saint, i dont take their words or book

zzq: lol

gosay: hm….

gosay: but i think, just dodge the bullets man, fuk man, ful life, ful brains

gosay: 🙂

zzq: hahaha no so easy to do

zzq: not*

gosay: 🙂

gosay: i has a plan for that

gosay: *have

zzq: ?

gosay: i wanted to write a book, “i have many like these ideias, but never will do though :)”

gosay: where there are 13 monkey

zzq: ok

gosay: a team who call themselves monekeys

gosay: they want to kill, not man

gosay: kill the earth

zzq: mhmm

gosay: so they will not target, buildings, nor cities,

gosay: the most neglect and potential places are targeted

gosay: that is the natrual vulnarable places,


gosay: as an example

zzq: ok

gosay: like the the supere volcanas in first tier, one is US i dont knwo that place

zzq: alright….

gosay: but there are many, if they all get triggered, then the world come to an end

gosay: or at least sever loss to the human race

zzq: ok…….

gosay: so these 13 monkeys, have the same vision to disrupt them

gosay: they are not angry on humans,

gosay: they are not angry about earth,

gosay: they belive they love so much, they want to give freedom to all

gosay: from the human body, from the cylce of survival

gosay: an oppertunity to start from first

gosay: if they managed to live.

gosay: so they do it, i will bring the emotions, of all these people, in 13 chapters , 13 way to convince

gosay: or justify there act is right

gosay: sounds scary 🙂

zzq: lol….then why dont you write it?

gosay: 😀 i need to do lot of research  for to understand in different aspects

gosay: right now, i financiallyb broke, the day im

gosay: haveing funds im gona do thnk i love doing , one such is this

gosay: i will right, but i shared it you, because, if you want towrite this story, you can,

zzq: whats there to be funded man? any piece of information you can have at your fingertips, and to write is also easy on a computer.

gosay: yes, but i need to see them, i need the feel of these places,

zzq: ooh no…..lol….ive had ideas myself, i dont write because if i do ill just ruin my own story

gosay: i need to know, the security from gov to places like these

gosay: 😀 lol , ruin my own story? which way ?

gosay: you mean your autobiography?

zzq: i told you na? i never feel satisfied with what i write

gosay: ok

zzq: i wanted to write an autography named, “Finding Hemo”….but there are parts of me i wish not ot disclose

gosay: :))hemo good word

gosay: wat doesnt it mean

zzq: lol

zzq: well ive told you im a Hemophiliac havent i?

gosay: no

gosay: i need to google for this word now

zzq: ooh……….lol well i am

zzq: well, it simply means i have a by birth disorder that keeps my body from healing itself

gosay: is it,

gosay: i think you did told me, it faded.

zzq: so a cut or bruise that may take you one hour to heal may take me a whole day or 2

zzq: ya

zzq: aah 🙂 its ok

gosay: oh….

gosay: so any fix for that

gosay: in medicine?

zzq: well i could take an injection, but it only lasts for 8 hours and its very expensive

gosay: ooh

zzq: it made from pure blood, so in a way im a vampire lol

gosay: oh, lol

zzq: plasma

gosay: ok

gosay: which blood group are you?


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