In the name of love…

In that moive  om shanthi om(2007),  while trying to save shanthi from fire,  he is outside the building door, trying his best to get her out from the building  and the goondas(hooligans) are bullying him hard

every hit to him didn’t shatter his attempts to save her.  he was always looking into her eyes speaking to her, promising to unit with her, promising to save her, promising that everything will be all right,  the pain never over took him,  his body is crippled because of the trashing, after a while but he want to head at least one step ahead, this is love,  not love towards a girl,  love towards yourself, reach yourself like that, reach your life, reach your dream, reach you passion, reaching you meaning, this is a ultimate taste, you might loosing, falling, dying also, but this taste if you hold, you are  gifted, to die for something you love is a greatest death, this is dying in truth, this is salvation, these dead once are always honoured, even the soldiers want to die in battle field,

for his country, for his patriotism, you die in this world, for your love,  love is not something that happens with a girl or opposite sex,  but with that which completes you in every way, in small medium or large. Never run away from this, never shift the sight away from this, welcome to earth my dear, everything is possible here, some call it heaven, but I call it a hell. All this is I wrote I valid only in hell. Fukin  life, fukin people, one needs to do feel like this? Fukoff.


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