17 nov 2007

Like you swat mosquitoes, with out any mercy, pleas start swatting this fucking humans, they don’t deserve to be alive, these fucking human forgot the grace that they have shown on them, they are living by chance, fucking humans don’t realise this, I might be drunk, but this is something that is emanating from the understanding about life, the miseries about life, don’t you fuck think strange about me, don’t you judge me for the craziness in me, the craziness I refer is not what I claim, this is just the word that im using to reach you, reach you why? Out of hatred or love? I don’t know why the fuck.

please don’t conflict, please don’t remind me of the fucking live, let me enjoy some peace, let me touch the mother, let me taste he love, let me loose my self, let get intoxicated in her love, you fucking people have filled me with lot of pain, lot of suffering, please let reach my mother, consider as a last wish of mine…..


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