im tiered to key these words too…..

I don’t know what the fuck im search in life,

My search doesn’t even make sence, thequestion im asking doesn’t make sence,

I see only the alphabets but the emotions behind them,

These are just words out of pain?

What the fuck I pain, what the fuck is pleasure,

Who the fuck am i?

Peoples knowledge are making me weak, Im doubting my self,

Im hating myself, im writing this to my self,

What the fuck

What the blod fuck,

Fuck all ,

Please heal me, please make me normal,

I don’t know where I am heading,

Please some one assure me,

Please some one convince me,

I am right,

I think when this happens, I will have my salvation ……


Waiting and searching are these

So long, so eager,

For what? And why, I lost the answer mean time.

Why am I writing,

Why am I writing,

Why am I concerned of me,

Why am I writing,

Why can I undertand,

Why cant you understand why I have can or not understand,

What am I?

I am afraid to ask you

As you are emated from me,

I am the creator of you,

You are in mind,

Who know you are my conscious mine,

You are answerin what I want to hear,

Or am I missing the poin all together,

Fuck man, thought is my curse,

Mind is my mother fucking curse,

I hate my parent,  for giving me borth,

I hate my self to put my self in this,

I hate my self to vountere if I did so.


Nothing make sence

Nothig at all make sence,

What am I writing

Why am I writing


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