Blog title 2: Placebo Faith [GOD.000.000.00I]

what is placebo effect?
The placebo effect occurs when a patient takes an inert substance (a “sugar pill”) in conjunction with the suggestion from an authority figure that the pill will aid in healing and the patient’s condition improves. This effect has been known for years.

What is placebo faith?
Here the inert substance used or give or taken by people is FAITH.
we are not sure how faith works, there people having faith in god, and few non existence of god, few in themselves few have immense faith on others or their relations, and so on. in the name of faith, you shall see all kind amazements/shocking things happening.

what on earth is that sting after this word?
GOD.000.000.00I, right… now im gona talk about networking, and ip configuration, sorry if you couldn’t understand, you could always goggle for finding better explanation than this, in simplest way that i could understand, this is used to create 225X225X225 number of sub branches or peers, or clients, in a network from an IP(address), so in the name of faith, these many number of religions, philosophies have been generates.

and so we shall see how these been an integral part of me, and my exposures to all these faiths, in different walks of my life.
hope things are intresting here, and wish you happy reading, with best regards  gosay.
this is the second title in this blog with wordpress.

goodbye to:

Blog title 1: Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu…Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu…
its been a pleasure writing on your name… thank you.


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