Who am i? mortal or imortal?


Theory 1:
One fine day, the master called his students together. He told each student to pick up a stick and to lay it down next to the sticks layed by the previous students. After each of the student had laid their sticks down, one student was told to scoop up the sticks and bound them together with twine.

He then challenged each student to come forward and try to break the bundle of sticks. Each one tried, but could not break the bundle of sticks apart.the master then unwrapped the bundle, gave each student one stick, and challenged them to break the stick. Each student then easily broke the single stick.

The Master then said, “Now you see my meaning, my dear students. So long as you remain bound together and united, you are unbroken. You are a match for anything and anyone. But standing separately, you are defeated, destroyed.”

Theroy 2:
what is the difference between the god, the immortal and human, the mortal.
god has one mind, one aim, and 100 hands all thinking the same, whereas the humans who think 100 and have two hands, which he uses more efficiently to feed through is mouth and wash his bum, makes him mortal.
humans thought are diverse. and so his energy, power is also scattered.

Personality, Sub-personalty:
combination of many sub personalities create a personality, or an identity called you. its like the citizens in a country called personalities, if you divide your self into a higher being and a lower being, their is a bad part or good part, then its like the single sticks, matter of time, you will be broken, whereas we all are together, live, die together, ready to hep, forgive, thank, acknowledge, consider, cooperate, learn teach, among each other, then you are in power, to break you, is very difficult.
you choose, among what you want to be, bundle or the stick.


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