Arya Love Gyan

Arya – feel my love


Part 1: ends at 37 min 48 sec


Arya dairy(3:10) The scene shows, how much believes in love, he loves not the body, but the act of love.


Silly thing about the girls reaction is that, it’s a he writing and she responds and wishes him that may you find a girl, I wish the scrap she leave should have been, may you find your love, and in this lifetime, and be united there after.


5:35 geetanjalis friend forgets to kiss sachins picture; wow I like that bit, I felt this is a kind of love, where people give attention, value, position, respect, think, care about them, here in this case it was sachin, but I think, some in love would do they same to show their love. the director sukumar giving details like these fill or creats lot of impact or the mood for love. keep going mate..


12:30 There are people who also get married, due to the social compulsion, many times the parents are also to blamed, for them to abide to the blind/fanatic  beliefs in their religion.


12:40: One who knows to love, can love anything, anyone, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dog too.


18:50: that music that plays there, OMG what a masterpiece it is…..Devisree are a genius man….


20:29: Love that express, love that has the power to be in love, and not think anything else. Love that will show its fragrance not who stands beside it, but for all who pass by. Love is like a handshake, now arya offers and geetha donest respond, but still, Feel my love, my love was felt, you reaction is obtained only when my love is judged, now my love has this response, that’s fine, but you felt my love, you feel my love, that’s what it matters to me now. I love you so much, that I don’t look who stands beside, it could be a tyrant, I don’t care, I felt it, I did it, you call this madness, but this a freemans act. This is arya.


23:59: he is reminds me, emotions are pure, im not. Therefore, its love or hatred both depart from the same place, the heart.

A celebration for getting admission in her heart, now the role is low, but then tomorrow I could be over all the other.


26:00 the wisdom talk, one of the greast speech.

True love: wtf, love is true, there is not true love and false love. either one loves or like, dislike is opposite of love, dislike is a synonym of hate. And not the opposite of love.

Lover: on who loves, that’s all, he is not bothered if he is loved back, as he cant think of it, as he is buzy loving, one can only think when on is buzy liking. Buzy wanting.


28:46: flaw when using the word, one side love, there is nothing called as one side and two side love.

Love between two(X,Y) is then two side(contextual) or reciprocate or mutual if X love Y and Y is in love X, and so here this statement doesn’t mean that since X love Y, Y loves back X. but if it happens to Y also love X, then this is of the highest love.


29:20: Be aware, Be honest, Be clear, Be definitive of what you like and don’t.


32:42 Feel my love song, he is sing in a song, about the presence of love, love is not exhibited or felt in all goods, its felt by its presence, in silence, in anger, in like, in caring, in affection, in all aspects of him. Feel my love.


Part 2: Begins and ends at 37 min 20 sec


21:54: one needs guts to do what he had done, this once again give a great clarity or conviction of what he believes.

This is a master mind games to make them speak what one wants them to be happy.


Part 3: 37 min 44 sec


Aryas Race Victory music is awesom, framed Fab.

4:05: is an beautiful song, but then since its been used by one side love phrase, I don’t know how far this is ok for letting hero do this song, but then, this is a great song for some to retaliate if some felt they failed in love. the words used here are only to refer or relate to those who can relate this way only.

But this song is a another subtle way of description of some one who is in love, where there is nothing to loose and there is only to gain, as he is in love.


Part 4:

Climax, He wanted her to feel his love, he could have got her sympathy and then use that feelings thereafter to express his love, but then he trust his love, and wanted her to realise how much he loved her.


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