Three Realities > Kshara , akshara, Aksharatheetha.

The three levels/lokas of realities of the universe as mentioned by an author in the Bhagavad Gita as
The kshara means perishable.
The akshara which means imperishable.
aksharaatheeetha means the ultimate force.

The above Three realites can be restated or defined as:
The kshara means perishable = The Living things.
The akshara which means imperishable = Non Living Things.
The ksharaatheeetha means the ultimate force = Energy.

E= Mc2
Where E= ksharaatheetha
M = Askhara or Kshara
C = Light

The (=) here is called the “Realisation”, this is different from “knowing”. both differ by state of conscious and subconscious minds. the day, the shift happens, then the journey is done, all spirutual pursuit is just nothing but this (=).

Word Visual:

imagine a white light, a stream of white light, its just flowing in a direction, of which when looked into it, you shall see VIBGYOR spectrum of colours, which signifies different or the saptha lokas or the seven states of illusion or seven madalas of maya, now in every mandala has a universe of beings, or there is an activity, and ever being there holds its state of valid energy to be there. A being can loose energy to come down to its lower color spectrum, and a being can gain energy to exalt into heigher spectrum, heigher and lower doesnt signify or being refered in terms of rich poor kind of classifications but there are just different states of colors.

Now imagine the person, whoes body is traveling in that stream of light, for now choose the color blue, the body is traveling in that spectrum now, and then you could see the body from child to the aged, and then dissapeares and then you shall see the child body emerging and then blinks this way, and its flowing, this flow need not always be in the spectrum of blue, but then, the body is traveling from spectrum color to the other. but the but statys in the beam of white light.

there is white light untill there is an element of intelect, or activity in different forms of states. if there is no activity, this artilcle ends here, as nothing happens. nothing can be spoken. nothing itself has no space.

So is a human body travelling in  this eqation called E=MC2

Hope you liked my fantasy. i have edited and extended this post, learning that this had been a most HIT/viewed topic on my blog. edited on 28jan2008at1639hrsuk.


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