Who am i? – Omnipresent (adam and eve story)

Isavasyam idam sarvam’

The translation of the verse is:
god is omnipresent, sarvantharyami.

Very true, as God exists because i exists, my mind that is capable of creating anything, and validating its existance. but
why and how could i have created god himself?
The first and foremost reason or i believe is the seed of his presence is Fear.
Fear is the seed of humans philosophy of GOD. man needs security, man needs hope, man needs faith, this is how one in any part of era, the human builds his foundations of life, this is one of the few important seeds that the human keeps himself alive, rather kill himself.
Let me put it in the characters of adam and eve, adam was first created by god or some power, or as a part of natural evolution, lets not stop here how he was created, then he saw everything was in harmony, peace, bliss, no activity. he then did one mistake, eating apple, thought the story says its cursed, fuck that version, adam, when he ate that fruit, he understood what is survival, because we all eat to survive, now he is fear of him perishing, so he needs to keep surviving, he needs to create prototypes himself, i think he kept his tango in every possible hole to create his prototype, but finally he succeeds in creating eve, her validation was approved when she could give him the best match of the supporting the Adams existence, i probably think, this is from where she was always used for this purpose, now, after his wonderful creation, he went on a creation spree, of this is god, and devil, his creation also had a greatest wisdom about the duality, he very understood that the life has a pattern or works on duality, each cant exists independently, they are interdependent. and so he created god, by this time his intelligence also teaches him about the leader and follower, and so he started manipulating his own creations for his advantage to create more dominance or supremacy over his fellow people, and so the story goes on….
anything about, for, to, in, around, human can be mapped to god. god exists for a man, and only man’s stupidity. god is a nothing for a chicken. and so man romanticises or fantasise about the existence of god all around him ( omnipresent is one of the version), as the story has a pattern, ….Go on….Goes on….and on. this story will not be spoken from the day there is no man. i wish that day is today, now.
i take this great opportunity to fuck adam, fuck eve, fuck man, fuck god, fuck all his creation, i know man was accidental, so am i, so is this praises and my best wishes to all those who deserve.
happy living, if you have, or can find. on Hell.

sorry edited: to add this reference which i just found to support me fantasy.

mama yonirmahadbrahma thasmin garbham dadhamyaham

sambhava: sarvabhuthanam thatho bhavathi bharatha

(Gita, Chp 14, vrs 3)

mama = Mine, mahath brahma = the vast true stuff, yoni = birthplace, aham thasmin = in that I, garbham dadhami = impregnate, thatha sarvabhuthanam = thus everything here, sambhava: bhavathi = happens

The vast Brahma (this Stuff) is the birthplace of My (The One God’s) creation. In that I impregnate. Thus everything here happens or manifests.

sarvayonishu kauntheya murthaya: sambhavanthi ya:

thasam brahma: mahadyoniraham beejaprada: pitha

for all the manifestations, on this earth, my birth place, i am the seeding father

aksharam brahma paramam

The great impershalble is Brahma. the creator, not the person, but the act of creation, the mind, the thought, are impersihable. and so god is immortal, this is god.

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