Reading with out attachements?

brahmany adhaya karmani
sangam tyaktva karoti yah
lipyate na sa papena
padma-patram ivambhasa

One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme God, is not affected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water.


I saw two types of people being that way, one who is in love, and the other who is mad. Practically no one ever can do this, without the goal of god, a meditation or a prayer without the phala, or the fruits ( as prescribed or mentioned in Vedas) why will some one do? When some one does a foolish act, we respond instinctively, have you lost your mind? Cant you think, your actions can disturb some one? See, an act, without assessing if it’s a an act of dharma or not, one cant act.

Only if one has no mind, that can think of the repercussion can act. And they are two people again like that, the mad man, or the saint man, both think can always validate, that it was an act of intuition or the act told/ordered by the god himself.




jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur
dhruvam janma mrtasya ca
tasmad apariharye ‘rthe
na tvam socitum arhasi

Death is certain for all who take Birth. Birth is Just as Certain for all who Die. Therefore do not lament in matters like this which are unavoidable.


If a fucking birth can not be a birth, and fucking death can’t be just death, why the fuck any act, has a consequences? So the act has a equal or the opposite reaction, and so, an act if thought or not thought, will have its consequences, whether one take/accepts that one has performed or other, is not really going to matter, as the consequences will automatically take place, and so why on earth why do want take the regrets or pleasures of your acts, where the act belongs to history, why do you want to inflict the present? As per the above quote, just act, you feel true about it, go ahead and do it, don’t look back. If you feel that you want to be pleasing to others now, go ahead be so, if you want to please yourself, go ahead and do it. As either ways, the happiness is in you, you choose what makes you happy. And be happy.


Janma Karma cha Me Divyam
Evam yo vetti tatvatah

tyaktva deham punarjanma
Naithi Maamethi sorjuna

One who truly understands the Divine nature of my birth and activities is not reborn upon giving up his body but comes to me. O Arjuna.


Humans, collectively have not yet come to an understanding of his own birth, and his own activities, what fuck is this sarcasm is all about. Hey im not talking ill about god here, please, I don’t trust the mediocre who interpreted him. I really wonder if god who is know as more than, good, lets for now at least consider good at least, the above lines sound like psycho bastard but not a holy nor pleasing words.


Sloka 4:17

Karmano Hyapi Bhoddhavyam Bhoddavyam cha Vikarmanaha ║
Akarmanascha Bhoddhavyam Gahana Karmano Gathihi ║║

One must know the nature of Prescribed Action, The nature of prohibited action and also the nature of inaction. The path of action is mysterious.


You psycho fuck, mother fucker, what on earth do you think of your self, fuck your holes, read what you said in the first lines. And come back and read this line. Don’t you fuck with me. Do words of god contradict? Fucking middle men. Fuck them all.



As per the heading say, could you read without any attachment? Did you not attached felt the anger, why this psycho bastard uses such a filthy language? Did you not felt that this guy should be hanged to death? did you not the feel of anger, annoyans, with out any churn of emotions? effect is inevitable, life is defined my the definition to live, to survive, dont talk rubbish, in the name of god.  Lol…… this is a test for your attachment guys…. Happy reading.


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