v Public School


V Public School= vGrow!

Mode of Education:

The mode of education will be to impart the studies as a workflow. Structured, organised, and the system should enable to provide interaction as the prime mode of educating.

To work with other team members, in learning, contributing, teaching, motivating among themselves.

Children should talk, children only should talk. Children are our bright future, they should talk from now. This is our duty, responsible.

The books should not limit the intellect of the student.

The children should take forward into their life, the tender memories, where they played, studied, loved to come back to school, in their future.

When a parent says that, what have you learnt in your school, the child lifestyle in his community should answer itself.

We should enable the morals, ethics, logic, imparted subtly in education.

The child will learn to express. Speak, Think, Get his things done.

Our mode of assessment : should a child be assessed? NO, the child will not undergo the examination until he/she reached to 10th standard. ( but will introduce some kind of rankings, something like, half of ranking/awarding power will be given to teachers, an the remaining to the voting of the children, or reviewing on the quality of the work by there fellow students)

Education is a workflow.

Students should and will be trained to be the authors of there Text books, syllabus, notes, Tips, Guides.

Education curriculum will be like an open source code, where the students can emend. Them use them.

Papers/Articles/ Media based assignments will be given.

Year based,


The children will be given opportunity to watch educational programs in the school. And using the huge database of the videos that the school will invest, should be available to rent, borrow, for further purposes.

Reviews on the videos, shall be collected. Replayed for relearning the class should be available.

Photography assignments should be available.

dramas, role plays will be enacted.


Job role: A psychologist, Who will be trained as to teach the academics.

Who is a tutor, guide, reference.


  • Should not teach.
  • Should not read out the books.


  • Grow beyond the subject.
  • Let the students Think.
  • Information gathering.
  • Slide show.
  • Seminars
  • Let the student refer books/online/google.
  • Creative concepts offered by the students.

Education Flow:

Is this a Water fall model?

The teacher will teach to the Set A only, which comprises of Leads, (L1…L6). And only this set will know what the teacher had taught, the set A should then prepare by interacting, debating, discussing, and create a skeleton that they are going to teach to their fellow tails/team members (Set B).

Corns: What will the other students do while the work flow is happening with set A.

–  In a year, will be divided into 6 months, and each month will be used to teach only one subject, and the later 6 months will be used to brush up or should be designed as a practical application assignments.

– Like an employee will have to work beyond the insecurities of holding his job in this school, likewise the child is not going to learn anything to pass any academic papers, but only will learn what he loves to learn.





Interpersonal relations

vGrow will not be registered to any body, it shall for ever run autonomous, and will or try to spread its theme where ever, our object is not defined, our vision is not defined, our autonomous is not defined, as ever human is unique, and ever human here gets his unique respect. every human defines his rules. though the objective is to be happy for themselves, what if it costs or effects someone else? that we will keep in r&d and shall issue new templates to improvise.



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