RelationCART: Counting Wheels

What you know or heard?

The relation between a wife and husband are like two wheels of a vehicle. they both have to co-ordinate well for the ongoing journey(life) of the vehicle.

What I would like to add?

How does a vehicle make a right turn? When the Left wheel makes the longest trajectory, with the right wheel making the minimum and supporting the weight on it side, completes a Right turn, and like wise the left turn.

No what if the Left wheel makes a count of number of right turn it made? What if it feels that it has made more number of right turns in compared to that of the other wheel? What if the wheel resigns on the other saying that, it no longer want to make the turn NOW, as it already had made this turn number of times?

There is always an objective of any relation, to be together..ask your self, what  acts, thoughts,  words will help it fulfill. Think!


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