Gosay’s Theory Of Evolution – possibilities of being right.

Life, Men, animals, planets, elements…and so on, are all in existence, because of an accident, out of hundreds and thousands, millions and billions, this creation, if that’s how we call it here, is all happening.
Men, out of how many odds, does a man, know how to multiply himself, how to procreate another man, for that reason, the spark of intelligence to think or want to have an another specie like him before he perished? Now what are the odds in which he lost his dick? What are odds that he ate a wrong thing to survive and died? If we assume that the Adam (let the first Male be called that way for our understandings) finally figured out that he was mating, what are the odds that he could understand the female pregnancy? The nine months cycle of child growth? What are the odds that the child is safely born on the earth?
Animals, plants, elements, are all here because of one successful accident, one successful impregnating of the intelligence, the reinforcement of the learnt intelligence, and then co-operating and coordinating with the nature or surroundings, blending and bending with changes, taming and trimming over ages I what I believe, the possibilities of the natural selections, and human existence emerged. And here we are, you and me, sitting and participating in this event.


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