The First Thought – Strands of Thought.

My mother my enemy, The first thing that was taught to me by mother is “Survival”. Survival defined in human context is to live until death, unfortunately I still cannot figure out, why one really needs to survive at all, why or what is it that fascinates one to live, the possible reasons I only could think is the fantastic design, of the human mind, and its capacity to learn, react, respond, using its physical, resources like sensory organs.

But to think, for a human why he should live or not is not a valid question for an infant. The baby needs to live, learn to an extent to understand the question right, and react to it.

But the bottom line is the brain of a human is that it met with a great accident once, where the spark just got ignited, in that flammable, unstoppable mind.  Once this element called the understanding of the survival happened then ….. before I go forward, I will explain more about what I meant by “survival HAPPENED”  if something is existing, then it has a base, support, or some connection or relation to it. The same way, assuming that the survival is a singular thought, that has few strands protruding outward the ball of thought.

The ball has gradually evolved into 3 phases or segments of it, namely, intellectual, emotional, physical areas of the spears, and the strands protruding in that area are the once having the appropriate or relevant associations. With which these strands have an nature to bind, to create a relation, network, or the reason to interact, to create more meaning for the survival of the human in a given period of time on this planet.

( as an understanding purposes lets only assume that the surface can be split into 3 areas as mentioned above, but I believe that its not that way, but the they are scattered, like the data that is scattered on the hard drive, and are assigned/mapped/defined.. respectively)

Few more notes on the strands protruding from the thought word called, SURVIVE.

  1. what
  2. why
  3. how
  4. where
  5. when
  6. if
  7. then
  8. multiply
  9. equal

Now ask the questions from the start,

  1. What is survival? though the real intent of it always ignored but always remembered for its dictionary meaning, called to not perish.

Behavior: Definitions.

  1. Why should one survive?

Behavior: Reasons to support the whats.

  1. how to survive?

Behavior: forward thinking, to find or experiment more reasons/recourses/ or creating opportunities to stabilize survival.

  1. where can I find my survival?

Behavior: adding more adjectives. Imaginations, desire to look forward, curiosity.

  1. Ifs about survival?

Behavior:  doubting. Verifying and validating. But I believe this is a primordial tool for the humans validations and verifications namely, happiness and sorrows.

  1. Whens about the survival?

Behaviour: this is thought triggers the time stamp to the thought(s)

  1. Then Behavior: This is the origin of dominance, supremacy, conviction.
  2. Multiply, Behavior: This is about how secure are we? How stable are we? How much savings?
  3. Equal: behavior: is to fulfill something, every act is to create a result of it. Though the first and prime definition is never been fulfilled, that is life, people had to or admit the death, life is dependent on the cooperation of the surprise of the death. I don’t know people are not very depressed, and neither I don’t understand why they are so motivated about striving to live, when they know that they are going to die one day, I don’t know if the people are intelligent or some kind of ignorant, or half baked/biased/egoistic  intelligent species. I also don’t understand that, many things that human aspire, for example happiness of/from a thing is subject to the present cenario and then can never be equaled to that of the time of creating a demand, is a futile, but still people have a flexible way of validating, and verifying the things, this makes human more unpredictable than ever.


Every strand is like a trunk, every trunk has branches, every braches have different stems. And every stem has a leaves. And so human though charge has that kind of analogy.

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