Meditation can Kill you?

But to think, for a human why he should live or not is not a valid question for an infant. The baby needs to live, learn to an extent to understand the question right, and react to it.

These above lines can found in that article written in my previous post, lets roll back to check what UG thinks about meditation, he say, you are killing yourself by meditating.

To be honest, I didn’t knew the depth of it, but yesterday while I was speaking to a friend (ramesh) of mine, I understood what UG meant.

Humans, teens, when they feel that they can take care of themselves, (independent) then that means, the operating system is successfully installed.

But because of the religious abuse, one is taught to believe that all other happiness that a human enjoy is all momentary, he is in a prison, his body is limited, his in the loop of karmic debts, and so on… now these are all thoughts, that are against his own operating system, his own survival, these missiles like thoughts are targeted to the basic core concepts with which the human survival is based on, the core concepts are nothing but the simple concepts about survival and his treasure of peace.

Now based on this theory, you will understand, where does UG Krishnamurthy gets his guts to call the Buddha, the asshole, Jesus the crackpot. And so on….and now today I believe I got my initiation, I regained my healthy state of my operating system.

I would like to credit UG for soaking his thought in my mind, and my friend to able to facilitate and let me speak my thoughts that night. But I apologies for let him know how we were fooled all these years, it was tough for him to accept what I spoke, but then…keep walking mate.

 Few of his works/commentaries  can be read on  meditation here:


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  1. Pasupathy said:

    Yes, i do agree to certain extent of centuries great philosopher UGK. To be honest, the intention of the article is good but i didnt understand. Please render what you understand.

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